Best jobs while in Nursing School?

  1. 0 what are the best jobs to have while in nursing school? thanks!:-)
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    I think tech/CNA work is helpful!
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    Get a CNA job as a sitter doing private duty. You make better money than the hospital and with all that down time you can study.

    Get paid to sit and study 90% of the time!
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    Those above two are great jobs to have definitely. I work as a tech PT and I'm also a server PT. It's great money and very flexible hours.
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    If you have a clinical rotation under your belt, look into hospitals in your area and see if you can get a job as a nurse tech! some hospitals only require 1 clinical rotation; others may require a rotation in med/surg; some may require a rotation in peds if you want to work on a peds floor. The pay varies by state/hospital and it's a great way to enrich your skills as a student nurse and may even help you land a job at that hospital once you graduate and pass the NCLEX!

    If you want a job where you would rather study, maybe try getting a job at your school's library or work at the front desk in the residence halls/dorms that you have on campus. Nothing's better than getting paid to study!!!
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    Quote from joetex12
    what are the best jobs to have while in nursing school? thanks!:-)
    depends on what you need. i needed a lot of flexibility, so i kept my regular job, and just decreased my hours to a manageable level. i had a good relationship with my boss, so they were willing to let me do that, and worked around my ever-changing class schedule without complaint.

    in retrospect? i wish i had applied for a job as a phlebotomist! a friend of mine did that. she worked from 3:30am to 8:30am and then came to class. she received a ton of experience that i totally envy.

    otherwise, it just depends on what your personal situation is. are you looking for experience, just need a decent income, a flexible schedule, etc? the suggestions you've gotten so far are pretty right-on.
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    I've always wondered why more students don't waitress or bartend. Its great money, flexible hours and lets you feel like you have a little bit of fun in your life while in school. Being a Tech is great for experience but the low wages weren't something I would have been able to consider. Good luck!
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    I worked as a CNA in a hospital. I had great flexibility in hours. The pay wasn't great, but since I lived with my parents, $4/hr paid what it needed to.
    My sister went to school later and needed a fulltime job that paid the rent. She worked as a tech in an adolescent psych facility at night and every weekend and went to school in the days. She said the group of kids were great sleepers and a lot of studying got done at night.
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    Thank you for asking this, I was wondering the same thing.

    How would one go about looking for a CNA sitter job? I'm assuming you mean for an individual family.
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    Quote from MasonsMommy
    Thank you for asking this, I was wondering the same thing.

    How would one go about looking for a CNA sitter job? I'm assuming you mean for an individual family.
    Medicaid waivers fund most private duty cases. Contact a company like CareAll. Private duty services are the big thing in Tennessee. I know CNA's making around $10/hr for a 12 hour shift. And the scheduling is generally very flexible. You can usually choose when you work.
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    thanks for posting this forum! I was wondering the same thing I need to work while in nursing school and have cna cert under my belt but have been applying to plenty jobs
    wish me luck
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    I'm currently in clinicals and work as a resident assistant (similar to CNA) in an assisted living facility on weekends, night shift. Pay isn't the best (about $10.00/hour), but it is low stress and I can usually get about 4-5 hours of schoolwork/reading done per shift.
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    In my area once you have adult health clinical under your belt you can be a nurse intern, which pays well here. Usually $14-$16 per hour. With shift diffs I was making $18! As a new grad at the same hospital my base pay was $20. So it was really good for me during my last year in school.

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