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I can't say that my clinical was the worst on Earth, but man, I was feeling pretty lousy. When I went to the floor yesterday, after reviewing one of my patient's chart, I found out that it was a possibility that my patient may... Read More

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    I don't think I can do Med-Surg either. However, this was an Oncology floor. The hospice wing was a few feet away. I feel more at ease in Orthopedics or maybe Community Health. At first, i was like "Hmmm, oncology should be interesting." Now, nuh uh. I never felt so bad a feeling. I've had days with nurses who were aloof, I was sleepy, my back hurt, and my instructor made me feel like an idiot. This was the worst. My teacher was so nice and comforted me when I started to cry in front of her. I was a mess. If anyone believes in energy fields and spirits, some bad ones were affecting me there.
    Ortho was the worst for me, I think I would rather be in just about any other area of the hospital lol

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