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ATI and Pharmacology

  1. 0 does any one take ATI in their school? if so does any one of u have topic to review for pharmacology it will be a big help for me if I dont pass that I get kick out of school. please any one help.
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    Quote from nadeige
    does any one take ATI in their school? if so does any one of u have topic to review for pharmacology it will be a big help for me if I dont pass that I get kick out of school. please any one help.

    Read the ATI books. We have found that the answers for their tests all come from their book. We also learned ATI may have one answer and our school had another based on what was tauught...but our school was wrong on that particular questions and I knew that from when they taught the material. I even mentioned to a teacher "hey you know you can do that" and she was floored. I told her about it and she had no idea. Well ATI knew and people who didn't read the book got it wrong because they answered it based on what we were taught.

    Read the books.
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    That's true. Read the book that came with the ATI pharmacology course.
    All the questions and answers are based entirely on what is in the book. Pay attention to the bold-lettered words in the book. It is most likely what you will see on the test. There is an "ATI way" and your school's way of doing things. Hope this helps.
    PM me.
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    I agree, read the book. You have it for a reason.

    I took the Pharm ATI last semester and when I was taking it I didn't think I knew hardly any of the answers....yet I passed it and was in the highest percentile in the nation (who knows how I did that). I thought the Pharm one was the hardest so far and I've taken quite a few of them. Good luck.
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    Read the ATI book and use that as your study guide.
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    Im getting read to take this test in 2.5 hours. I am retaking the class because I failed the ATI twice over the summer. It's definetely the hardest ATI exam for nursing from what graduates have told me. I get two shots...if I fail it twice this time Im kicked from the program. I believe it's unfair. Last semester I was passing the class but since I didnt get at least a level 2, I failed the course. Pray for me!
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    we have to get a level 2 on ati otherwise we fail aswell,

    i am al done with farm, fundamentals...

    now i am simultaniously working on mental health/peds/medsurge.... wish me luck yall...

    proctor test after thanks given
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    do a couple practice exams. Do your professors give you the codes?

    if not, you can buy some from the website.
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    I did the mental health, leadership and comprehensive this week, I did exceedingly well on all 3, I do the practice tests, everyone that I have the code for. We take med-surg and pharm next week. And then I will be done with ATI forever!
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    We do ATI as well and get kicked out of the program if we fail the 2nd time. I'm taking the ATI pharm in 2 weeks. Thanks for the tips guys! Will concentrate on those BOLD words!
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    hello everybody...
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    could someone send leadership and comprehesive a or b forms?? stressed to the max. we need to get a level 2 or else we get to repeat class. ridiculous! me!