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  1. kfarinato

    how to work in Massachussetts

    I have worked in a community hospital 15 miles north of Boston for 6 years. When I graduated from NS in Dec 2009, I had hoped that there may be a job for me by June or so. No such luck! Not only are they not hiring new grads- they are going to be laying off 75 -100 employees in the next 5 weeks. They are getting rid of the CNA's that are graduating NS too. I will be included in this new policy. It stinks and I am so upset about it. I love my hospital but I guess my loyalty means nothing. I am lucky though to have a per diem RN position at a Nursing home in Somerville, but the pay is on the low end and it is not what I thought I'd be doing as a new grad. I hat to admit it, but at this moment nursing school was the biggest mistake of my life. My credit went down the drain, I can't afford health insurance (but I make too much to get state aid) and I have no money.
  2. kfarinato

    Two med carts, three halls, to many patients

    To top it all off we get written up if we don't punch out for a half hour lunch!
  3. kfarinato

    Two med carts, three halls, to many patients

    I work in a combo assisted living nursing home facility. Currently I am doing evenings covering the 2 assisted living floors. 54 residents to give meds to and about 10 treatments. Add in the "not feeling good" complaints, MD phone calls and whatever else comes up my med pass takes 7.5 hours!!! I am getting more anxious with every shift because I am seeing more that makes me nervous. We have a new DON starting soon and the nurses hope that we can get at least a 11a-7p nurse or even a 3p-7p. I just pray at the start of every shift that nobody has any real issues.
  4. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    So I worked my first 2 shifts alone this week. It went well, Monday was a holiday here and 30 out of my 56 went out to a parade and didn't get back until 6pm. Needless to say that med pass was a disaster. Last night I finally got a chance to start reading the policy and procedure manual, and was a little shocked that I was taught the wrong way to do a narc count. I just wish that I was using more brains, there seems to be much hand holding (probably because of the ratios) by the DON. I am still looking for something a bit closer to home, this winter killed the roads that I have to travel and my poor car that is 21 years old is not handling it very well.
  5. kfarinato

    Anyone work at Beverly Hospital?

    Clinical associate =cna at beverly. Applying in person or online makes no difference. Good luck. Human resources can take forever
  6. kfarinato

    I forgot to chart something.

    Can you call the unit and tell them? That's what I would do. Even experienced nurse occasionally forget to chart something.
  7. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    Sue- do you think it is reasonable for me to ask for time on my next shift (still on orientation) to read through the charts?
  8. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    So last evening was my first shift on the floor and it was awesome. It turns out that we cover the 2 assisted living type floors so about 60 residents for meds. The DON is one of the nuns and she makes rounds at 10pm. Any issues with the residents she wants to be notified so I don't have to worry about being alone. I hope I get to know the residents soon because that seems to be the hardest part so far. My nursing school definitely prepared us well for the real world. I was so surprised at how easy it seemed.
  9. kfarinato


    I am working at a LTC about 3 miles from Boston. The commute is tough, and gas will cost me approx. 1 hour of pay. At this facility RNs start at 22.14 hour. I didn't fight it because jobs (esp for new grads like me) are REALLY hard to come by up here.
  10. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    Thank you! I have 3 stethoscopes, I just need to figure out which one I can hear best with, they all hurt my ears and have since I got them. I will probably leave one in my car all the time too just in case I forget/lose one somewhere.
  11. kfarinato

    Please,please give me some guidance here...

    I think you should tell you nurse educator that you want to stay on night shift and hope that when the need arises a nurse can guide you through a Critical Care bedbath, they are not different than any other bed bath- just faster. I had many years experience, but very little in the ICU. When I floated there as an aide I was scared at first. Time and relaxation (you need to be calm in order to learn) will make it better. I don't think they are going to fire you. Is there a checklist of sorts for the job? Stuff that needs to get done on your shift? If so carry that with you. If you need to duck into a linen closet to refresh your memory then you can. If there is another LNA that you trust tell him/her how you are feeling about not being up to speed and see if they can give you some tips. I am sort of suprised that they hired you right into an ICU, at my facility it is an easy CNA job and people jump for the chance to float there.
  12. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    Update: Today was my 1st day of orientation, all the Human Resources paperwork and that sort of stuff. Friday will be my 1st shift of orientation on the floor. Luckily they are starting me off on the evening shift on the assisted living floor. I feel better about being eased into and I am sure once I get going I will feel better about my skill level. Any tips on what I should bring with me?
  13. kfarinato

    I finally have a job!

    I ended up wearing khakis and a nice top. Its a good thing I did too because the Sister that wanted to hire me was there and it was the ADON that gave me the tb test!
  14. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    thanks for all the support. The DON is the Mother Superior and the convent is on the top floor of the facility. I forgot to ask if there is an LPN on NOCs. When I went in for my Mantoux today I told the Sister (an RN) that I was excited and nervous, she told me not to worry that they don't let you alone until your ready. I hope it works out. I felt really comfortable during my interview and it seems they really care about each other.
  15. kfarinato

    How did you get your job?

    Craigslist and God (I am not super religious but my job is at a LTC run by nuns) I start Wednesday!
  16. kfarinato

    New to LTC and to Nursing!

    I finally got a job! Its been 3 months of filling out many applications a day. I was hired at a small Nun run LTC facility about 30 minutes from my house. It is 26 skilled nursing beds, I will be working nights. They staff it with one RN, and 2 CNAs on overnights. Does this sound ok for a new grad?