Are there cliques in your nursing program?

  1. I just graduated from RN school and don't feel like keeping in touch with my classmates. I didn't like how there were so many cliques and people talked about each other and such. I hated the drama, negativity and am happy I'm away from it. Anyone else feel this way?
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  3. by   CinDRnyc
    i'm not in nursing school yet, but i just started a cna course and i can already see what is happening. it is 20 students only and is mostly female. i wonder if its just when you put many females together your going to naturally have cliques. i empathize with you though, there is already one girl in my class giving me "stank looks" but guess what? i'm not playing that game! she can make all the looks she wants, i'm not there for her. did you become good friends with at least 1 person in your cohort???

    congratulations on your graduation!!!
  4. by   P B and J
    If you don't want to keep in touch, don't. It's simple. However, your classmates may be good for networking, and could pass along job openings or whatnot, so I personally wouldn't completely cut myself off from all contact. Drama? Yep, who needs it... better off without it by far!

    And yes, my class has a few cliques, people tend to gravitate towards like-minded classmates. I know I have made a few friends with some people I had initially written off for various reasons. Once we got to know eachother better, that all changed! I definitely plan to keep in touch with some in my class, others who bring drama and chaos I can do without. But even after graduating, I can guarantee you one thing, there will be drama in the workplace as well, so you might as well learn to distance yourself, stay out of it, deal with it or ignore it. There will always be drama of some sort, unfortunately no matter where you go.
  5. by   2BRN123
    Lol, much like high school for me. This is the single reason I keep a facebook account. Can maintain contact with people from a safe disance away...
  6. by   caliotter3
    I didn't find any problem with not keeping in touch. My classmates never bothered me unless they wanted something. And that was while we were in school. Haven't heard a peep from anyone since.
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  7. by   ChrisMarie09
    We already had cliques in our pre-reqs. I'm part of one big group (about 10 of us) that is kind of divided into two smaller groups. I get along with everyone but there's times where I just think "I'll sit over here today." Its a fun little group but I just need my distance sometimes. And I cannot study with them to save my life. I have one of my best friends that I can study with and she's going to a different nursing school. We're more of the "bounce ideas off each other" when we study so it will probably work out still. Plus it'll give us a different perpective and reasoning behind things.
  8. by   SunshineDaisy
    I ditto ChrisMarie. I'm get along with pretty much everyone. I have my group of close friends, we're always together, but I also chit chat with everyone. Yes, there are some groups who dislike others, but I stay out of that drama. I don't need it!
  9. by   2bAngilRN
    I don't mean to be rude but it sounds like you are pretty much an introvert like myself. I particulary do not like cliques. Never have. It seems like the people in cliques NEED each other just to breathe! Lol. Their decisions are not their own unless its decided by the clique. Even though I am introverted, I tend to talk to everyone. I have several students numbers from my classes and will contact them when necessary. I believe its important for networking purposes. I tell them all the time that I will be contacting them for a reference when I am finished school. Some people I know may be a supervisor or manager one day . I believe in this saying, "Treat people how you want to be treated." If certain people dont want to deal with me, fine. I deal with the ones who do. I try not to exert too much energy into fitting into a clique. If you have made a good impression on your instructors/professors keep in contact with them, since you have not made any connections with your classmates. Ask them for advice and references for future jobs.
  10. by   QuarterLife88
    I wouldn't say my program has clique problems. Everyone is pretty friendly, all age ranges included. We're getting smaller and smaller now, so I see the same people over and over. Sure, people have their study groups and friends, but like I said, everyone is pretty nice for the most part.

    For the most part...there ARE some people I do not care for, but I will be cordial to them. No sense in wasting energy over people I can't stand after all, right? Besides, after school I will never see them again.

    eta: Can I just say how tired I am of the common mantra that women together are catty? This is a overblown stereotype and I'm sick of it. A bunch of males together can be just as catty or worse. Some of the worst bullying I have ever received has been from guys. And no, we don't need men in the profession to save us from ourselves.
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  11. by   ItalianBellaGirl
    LOl, I absolutely do! I took ym first semester and had a great group of friends, then had to retake a class, I never made any friends in the second time I took it..I tried to be friends with a couple people, but everyone was in clinicals and new students so it was different for me. I hope that it is better next semester!
  12. by   KelRN215
    Quote from live&love&heal
    I just graduated from RN school and don't feel like keeping in touch with my classmates. I didn't like how there were so many cliques and people talked about each other and such. I hated the drama, negativity and am happy I'm away from it. Anyone else feel this way?
    There are cliques any time you put a bunch of women together.

    And I hate to burst your bubble but all that drama and negativity will follow you to real life nursing too! When I worked in the hospital, the gossip was WORSE than high school.
  13. by   aachavez
    Soooo true! Most of the people in my program are pretty cool people, there's not a terrible amount of drama and I like it that way. There are a few girls tho that are really snobby. and seem to think they're better than everyone else. But it's a small group, and I just stay away from them. There are some people that I'm closer to, we hang out outside of school, study and work together etc, but for the most part everyone at my program is alright. So glad I dont have to deal wtih extra drama.
  14. by   Katie71275
    There are a few, but honestly it's not TOO bad(at least I don't feel that way)....I guess im in one of those's a group of women(vs 18-19 yr old girls) who actually study their butts off, practice the skills over and over again, and tend to get great grades b/c of it.
    There are a handful of people I will stay in touch with after school, but not all of them(frankly I don't like all the people in my class, and guess what...that's OK, b/c you will never like everyone )