Anyone using ATI?

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    Just wondering I see so many things about HESI and very little about ATI. My school uses ATI and requires us to pass it as final exams in most of our nursing courses. How does you school use ATI?

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    Mine will be similar to yours. I've heard that if we fail to achieve the designated percentile score, we automatically fail the course and are dropped from the program.
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    Mine uses ATI. It's not a "fail ATI, fail the course" type of thing though.
    They are part of your grade. For example, we did the Fundamentals exam this quarter and itw as 5% of our grade...I think it increases to 7 or 10% later on.
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    We use ATI, its part of our total points. I think there was some thing like 6 ATI test we took at home last semester and one we took in class. All of them were worth 5 points each.
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    I am in a BSN program at CSU Stanislaus. I am just finishing my 2nd semster. Last week we took two ATI exams, one on fundamentals and one on pharmacology. For my school we have two tries for each section of ATI testing and we need to get above the national average or we don't pass and are out of the program. We don't know this average until we take the exam. We take the exam on a computer in computer lab at a designated time with a proctor, and at the end we see our score and the national average, and if we are above that average then we pass. If not, then we have one more chance, and if we don't pass the second time, then we are out of the program. From what I hear, it is not uncommon for a few people not to make the first exam, but the second time everyone makes it. From what I hear it is very rare that someone will be held back because of these exams.
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    We use ATI but it didn't count for points or cause us to fail the class. It was kind of silly. If we did not get a level 2 we had to retake a practice exam until we got a 90%. We did do the ATI Live review which I feel was a good thing.
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    We use ATI. For each class there are 2 non-proctored exams we take at home and we have to keep taking them until we reach 90%. At the end of each class we have a proctored exam. The exam is 5% of the class grade and we have to make at least Level 2. If you make below a Level 2, you have to enroll in a "remediation" course for the next semester. At the end of the program we take the comprehensive ATI test and must make a benchmark score (usually somewhere between 70-75, it changes every year) to graduate from the program.
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    We use ATI as well and you have to get a level 2 to forego remediation. I think less than a level 1 you fail the course.
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    We also use ATI we have to score a level 2 to pass and have two shots. We also lose a lot of points if we don't pass our first go. ATI is very stressful I think because we do ours the week before finals
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    I just finished first semester...we use ATI for Fundamentals, we are given a level based on our score which then equals a percentage (grade). This was 10% of our grade. We also used it for our Pharm final.....same thing, only the score we got is what was entered. This was also 10% of our grade.

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