Anyone trying to get fit before NS?

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    I start in August... I'd really like to lose about 20 pounds this summer and get a bit more cardiovascular-ly fit before school starts! Anyone else in my boat and want an accountability partner?
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    Oh yes! But I have alot more to lose (about 80 pounds). I won't start the nursing program for at least a year (I am still doing pre-reqs), but I would like to lose it before I start. I feel like I have to be a good example to my patients, ya know? I am planning to do Weight Watchers (I have lost weight with Weight Watchers in the past). Good luck !!
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    I start in Sept, and yess! I am short (a little under 5'1) so even though I only would like to lose about 5-7 pounds, it's a bit of an undertaking on my small frame. Plus, they always say the last 5 pounds are the hardest. I'd also really like to lose the serious flab on my stomach, legs and arms and get more toned. Partially this is for looks, but I think it will be really helpful to NS as well!

    I ran yesterday 1.4 miles, stopping in the middle to catch my breath. Today I ran 1.8 miles without stopping. I used to be able to run 4 miles when I was in better shape... trying to build back up to that!!

    Now, not eating when I'm not hungry, that's gonna be an even bigger challenge..
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    I'm totally with you! I recently broke my sternum and was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis, so I've been forced to take way too much time off of working out. I've recently gotten back into lifting and am so happy to be doing it again, but definitely discouraged by the amount of strength and fitness that I've lost. I took the stairs to my 9th floor classroom the other day and almost broke into a sweat! I like to use the Fitocracy app to log my workouts and meet others to buddy up with
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    Yes! I am weak.

    Over the past semester I started working on my diet, cutting out fast food and sodas mainly. Then I realized I was snacking all the time for no reason except that I like eating. I started replacing snacks with water and that has helped me feel a lot better. Also, adding lots of fruits and veggies; best part of spring and summer to me!
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    I need to do this too!! I have about 40 pounds to lose and I start in August! I feel like an old person some days (I'm 30) and I'm terrified I won't be able to put up with the physical demands of clinicals (they start in Sept) I already upped my water intake but I really need to lose weight. I'm about to start yoga and pilates to try to build up core strength, and then try to add in cardio and strength training.
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    I'm finished with nursing school, but need to lose some serious weight so I can fit into my damn wedding dress. Would love someone who wants to be an accountability partner. I would love to do a weekly weigh in with someone....PM me if interested. I used to have a really nice body....not sure where it all went wrong??? i just am so hungry all the time....has anyone tried Alli? I'm nervous to take it.
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    Yea I'm also trying to lose weight but first I'm cleansing than dieting and exercising afterwards. During my cleanse imma figure out what diet will work for me and come up with a work out plan. I want to lose 30 to 40lbs then see how I feel then. Good luck to you all!
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    I hope I can. I have about 80-90 pounds to lose. I can keep up with physical demands, but I don't want to be the fat nurse telling her patients they need to lose weight.
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    Me! I have been monitoring my diet through I eat maybe 1200-1400 calories per day, with a few exceptions. And I've been doing the Insanity DVD workout and I love it! I started about 2 months ago, working out everyday, but my body couldn't handle it. I had to cut back to only working out 3-4 times per week. Otherwise my back, knees, and ankles will hurt for days. I have lost about 5 lbs, and I want to lose at least 5 more before I have to squeeze into my bikini this summer.

    By the way, I used to run 2 miles every other day, and I felt really good, but didn't really see any weight loss or definition until I figured out how to adjust my caloric intake and use Insanity to really maximize with interval training. I highly recommend it!

    I have gone from a size 6 to a size 4 in these two months so far. And if I had been able to keep up with the routine every day, I'm sure I'd see an even bigger improvement.
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