Any other Military spouse students?

  1. Any other Military spouse students here?
    Are you basing the program you choose on your current orders and when you are expected to transfer?
    Have you started a program and then had to move before you finish?

    We have 17 years in the Navy, 13 of it married, I am now starting my 3rd attempt to finish my schooling. I have attended the University of Rhode Island, Trident Technical College (SC) and now Tidewater Technical College (VA) and hope to finish finally. We just received orders to stay here another 4 years, so I am going to just get it done. One of the worst parts of starting the program all over the country is not all classes are transferable, that was a surprise to me, and an elbow to the eye. None of my math transfered! NOT ONE CLASS!
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  3. by   traumanurse2b?
    Hi Heather, I am in VA also! My husband has been in the Navy 7 years, we've been married almost 6 years, and I'm at my 3rd school since we got married. I had the same problem that not all of my classes from Florida transferred, and I had been on track to start the nursing program down there within the following year when we moved here. I applied to Sentara's nursing program with the hopes that if I got accepted we could try to get orders to stay. We got lucky (we weren't lucky at first, as we got orders to SD right as I started my program, but we got them changed) and got orders for about 4 years to stay, just long enough to finish my program and get about a year of experience before we move.
  4. by   HeatherMax
    I want Sentaras program so bad! I have 5 science classes I still need before I can even apply, and TCC won't let me take more than one a semester. This summer I am going to crank out english comp 2 and chem w/ lab and a math refresher that is a pre-req for statistics. I am just ready to start the good stuff!
  5. by   traumanurse2b?
    Haha yes I know that feeling. It took me 5 years to get my associates degree, obviously, and I was SO OVER IT by the time I finished in December. You will get there soon. Are you close enough to maybe take classes at Thomas Nelson CC too? If you didn't take anything too hard you could probably do 2 sciences at the same time (I did Micro and AP1). It would be difficult but it can still be done!
  6. by   Katieerin
    I'm a fairly new milspouse. My husband and i are childhood sweethearts. He's new to the AF and we are at our first duty station. I am hoping we are here long enough for me to finish. I have 2 more pre-req semesters then 4 semesters of nursing school if i get accepted right away. His orders said we would be here 24 months i am hoping we can extend or something. I'm in oklahoma. I am so glad someone made this post. Anyone also have kids?
  7. by   zoe92
    I am a military fiancee... my husband to-be is in the Air Force. He is stationed 2 hours from where we grew up (and I still live). I am hoping to get accepted to a BSN program for this fall that would have me graduate in spring 2015. If not I will finish up my bachelor's in psych (which will take 1 year) & then apply to accelerated BSN programs. I am hoping he doesn't get a new duty station until I finish school & we have our wedding.
    @HeatherMax have you looked into Old Dominion University? Their program is 2 years & you must have completed all your pre reqs by the start date but it is a BSN program. We have family who was stationed at Langley & stayed in Hampton when they got out of the military.
  8. by   HeatherMax
    ODU is a possibility! We have kids, three of them! Jmtagg- do you like the program? I am praying I get into the Aug Care partner program, I have been stalking the mailman the last 2 weeks!
  9. by   SunshineDaisy
    It's a pain in the butt to keep having to quit school! It happened to me for 7 years. And, like you said, a lot of classes don't transfer! Hope you can all get stationed somewhere long enough to finish!
  10. by   HeatherMax
    Crazy thing is we have been in VA for 8 years, but had to pick orders 3 times each time we got VA. Wish I had known in 2005 that we would be here till 2017.
  11. by   SunshineDaisy
    Well, hindsight is 20/20!
  12. by   bopeep82
    I'm a former Marine who is married to a Marine. I straight told him that if I got in nursing (which I did for Fall 2013), that I was going to stay here with the kids to finish my degree. He is 100% supportive. He understands that I've basically followed him around attempting to get my pre-req's between 3 different schools. It is tough, ladies, but we can all do it. If we can do deployments and kids, we can certainly do nursing school!
  13. by   cherryblossomRN
    Hi! I am also a military spouse! When I looked into programs, I looked at how long we would be here. This is my second time in a nursing program (1st was a BSN program). I made the decision to do an ADN program here so I can just get my license and start working. I graduate in May! (YAY!!). I also told my wonderful hubby that if I get into the program I was in, and he got orders then I would catch up to him wherever the Air Force wanted to send him. Everything worked out in the end!
  14. by   Katieerin
    I am pretty sure korea is my husbands next stop. Long story there but anyways. I would love for us to go with him but if I'm still in school i have to agree with staying behind and catching up with him.