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  1. bopeep82

    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    I applied for a couple of fellowship programs, but haven't heard back yet. On the application page I haven't been closed out, so maybe there's still hope. I graduate in May. Who knows. :/
  2. bopeep82

    Rewrite of Admission Essay

    If I were the one reading these essays, I would be taken back by a writing that bared the soul. Think of the term "wear your life on your sleeve." Think about something that most others would shy away from writing. When you ask people about "life changing moments", things that are often written about is marriage, birth of a child, graduation of bootcamp, etc. In nursing, it's all about people wanting to care for others...blah, blah. You know what people don't write about? That time they had a mental breakdown and how they pulled through and turned things around. You know, something like that. Ask yourself, "What is something these people haven't read before" or "what would stand out"? Good luck. Stand out.
  3. Has anyone began to apply for these fellowship openings? I applied for two last week for ED and two days later they both closed saying the position was filled. I was not contacted either way. My husband said it sounds like an admin things to say the position was filled, but they may be reviewing all the apps they got. If you have applied in the past or now, about how long did it take you to hear anything back? Also, what is your resume and cover letter like? Thanks!
  4. bopeep82

    2 year nursing program?

    I want to clarify that regardless if you get an ADN or BSN, both programs require 2 years worth of prereq classes and then 2 years of nursing school. The exceptions typically being that the BSN may require an extra chemistry and statistics.
  5. bopeep82

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    It's not actual nursing school that is hard. It's the testing that is hard. I personally feel that I've spent more time learning how to test correctly, rather than learning the knowledge.
  6. Pharm Phlash by Valerie Leek Buy them on amazon, as they are cheaper than from your brick and mortar book store.
  7. A prescription for Ativan. I'm kidding, sort of. I found being organized (which is something you can't buy, but must apply) is imperative. A good pair of shoes. Plantar fasciitis is horrible. It's better to prevent then to treat. A good stethoscope and scissors. My friends teased me for my sheers, but ya know what...those things will last me and can cut through bone, I'm sure of it. A small notebook to keep notes to yourself like "look up later", vital signs (b/c you will forget in the beginning), small tidbits that you learn from other nurses or the instructors, etc. Hemostats. I put two different types of tape on my hemostats and then clip them to the "V" on the right side of the bottom of my scrub top. Check with hospital policy first, but I always grab a handful of alcohol swabs and keep them in my pocket. You never know when you'll need them. DO NOT loan your pen, stethoscope (eww), scissors, etc out for any reason. You won't get them back. Purchase a clip board that opens so you can carry your clinical paperwork and whatever else with you. (I print off commonly used policy and procedures AND protocols for that floor.) This way when I have a skill I'd like to do, BAM! I have the P&P there and don't have to run around trying to find a computer to print. Either make yourself a cheat sheet or acquire one of the facility's critical values for BP, labs, etc. Don't interrupt a nurse when she's dealing with meds. They say not to be apologetic, but I am. People like that when you're a student. Don't be a bumbling fool, but get on their good side. I'm known to bring in donuts for the floor nurses. People love food, especially carbs. I was taught the 6 P's of life: Prior Planning Prevents P!ss Poor Performance
  8. bopeep82

    Padding Your Resume

    Volunteering is always good. I recently started volunteering with the Girl Scouts as a Brownie leader. I've racked up over 80 hrs in two months. Volunteering is no joke. Talk about BUSY!
  9. bopeep82

    Advice for nursing student

    Be forgiving of yourself. My friend is a bio major and her GPA dropped significantly with finishing that major. She's one of the smartest people I know. Dumb people do not major in biology! Now, with that being said, you made it through one of the toughest degree programs already. You know that you need to study and you have an understanding of cells, chemistry, and you're basically a mathematician. You will do great. Nursing takes smarts. There's no doubt about that. The most challenging thing about nursing are the questions. You take learning one step further with application. If you work in particular areas you will see the same things the majority of the time. Meds are difficult. I emphasize the wrong syllable or add an extra. I agree with being organized. Have a calendar on your phone and a paper one. Know your instructor contact information. Know your program's handbook/syllabus inside and out. Not knowing or "forgetting" won't cut it.
  10. bopeep82

    Nursing school advice! PLEASE help

    If you really want something, then you will keep trying. I am competitive with myself and I didn't focus in a Intro to Psych and Stats. Ya know what? I just retook the classes! Sure, I had to pay for the classes out of pocket, but it's whatever. Money can be replenished. I am getting my ADN. We were told the program isn't accredited. We were told it was because not all of the staff held Master degrees. I don't know what all this means, but there are high NCLEX pass rates, people don't have an issue finding jobs, and some go on to 4 year schools for their BSN. Now, I don't know how this accreditation issue compares to a for profit school. Aside from the accreditation issue, I've heard nightmares about for profit schools, such as the cost, finding your own clinical sites, and actually getting the degree once you are done. If your future in nursing is this important to you, then I would suggest sticking with traditional schools. You'll be thankful you did. Any nursing school, whether it's ADN or BSN is difficult to get into. Don't give up!
  11. bopeep82

    Failed my 1st Fundamentals Exam

    I don't think you are in the minority on failing a test. I failed my first test and ended up passing Fundamentals with a B. It IS possible to come back. Just learn from your mistakes and try to improve. My biggest issue is that my grades do not represent the effort I put in.
  12. bopeep82

    Which shoes to buy for nursing clinicals?

    I bought Danskos. I'm a Dansko snob, so it's all I will wear in terms of nursing. :) They are expensive, but real leather, which mean they adapt to your foot shape. They also last forever.
  13. bopeep82

    getting sick from microbiology

    If you follow protocol, you won't get sick. You are dealing with level 1 and 2 microbes. Micro is fun and the lab is actually pretty clean, because you will take the extra time to clean your area when you first come in and before you leave. Millions have done it before you and millions will do it after you.
  14. bopeep82

    HELP! Online Nutrition Course

    You can try AMU. American Military University. I'm not sure if you have to be a veteran, but classes are 6 weeks long and accredited.
  15. bopeep82

    Why the heck do I have to be assertive???

    I too can be introverted at work and extroverted around a more comfortable situation. I believe that people often confuse shyness with weakness and mildness. That's not necessarily true. I was in the Marines for several years and I always get, "Oh, but you're so nice." Yeah, not all of us are loud mouth jerks. You can stand up for yourself and be professional with still being true to you. Tact is the best tool a person with any type of personality can have. I feel that sometimes the loud-mouths lack tact and also lack sympathy to see how they come off to others. To me, those are horrible traits. Stay true to yourself, because you never want to be something you are not. If you are great at your job and the meekness doesn't come off as snootiness then I believe you'll do fine.
  16. bopeep82

    What street clothes do YOU wear in nursing school?

    I believe it would be important to dress a little better for the nursing classes. Afterall, these will be the people giving you letters of recommendation for your first job! I think it would give you an edge to always look professional and follow the standards of the dress code any time you are in the facility. I'm a former Marine, so I believe in always presenting yourself appropriately for the situation.

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