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I just turned 28 in November & will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 to get my BSN. I've just not had the time or money to be able to pursue my career until now. I realize that having been... Read More

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    I have a bit different story. I got a PhD at 26 and now just graduated with my ADN at 61. Numbers do not mean much; health, desire and willingness to work hard trump age every time.

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    I am 46 years old and changing my career mid-way through, and hopefully get accepted into a nursing program before the age of 50! Hee... Either way, I keep pulling along... I can't think about my age anymore, or the time frame, and which schools will accept me... I just focus on the now or I will get derailed pretty fast in my mind! You are young! No worries! Yet, I do remember when I was 25 years old and thought my life was passing me by... I laugh at that now...
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    I'm 31 and just finished half of my pre-reqs for the lpn program at my school.
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    Hi! I'm 27. Will turn 28 before starting the Fall 2013 nursing program. Your age is no big deal at all!! I've been reading this board for a while and there are so many ppl older than us changing careers. In fact, we're still very young. LOL

    I finished college in 07 and then again in 09 (grad school) so it had been about 3 years since I had been in school. When I first walked into my A&P prerequisite, I asked myself "Do i really want to do this again?" As the prof went through the slides, it looked so overwhelming (and this coming from a previous bio major). Well, after a couple more classes and labs, I saw how easy it was to get back into the swing of things.

    I've noticed that I've done better in school as I get older. Maybe it's because there are less distractions. If you go in thinking positively, you will do well....just don't go in with the mindset that you can't do it.

    Happy New Year
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    I earned my first BA in 2004 (straight out of high school) but do to a series of life events, was unable to pursue a career in the field I studied. Fast forward to fall 2010, where I enrolled at the local junior college to pursue pre-reqs for the nursing program. After 2 grueling years of pre-reqs while working full time and turning 30 in September, I will be starting an ABSN program on January 7 at Samuel Merritt University! Most of the students in my cohort are actually OLDER than me, so don't sweat it at all. I do have to say that the second go-around has been much more rewarding for me. Life skills have enhanced my learning and just made me a better student. I record everything and am no longer afraid of instructors as I was the first time.

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    Age does give you a leg up. when some are talking about parties and peers, you are thinking deadlines and tests. I am 38 and have decided to change careers!!! I am in pre-req's and will apply to my nursing program in the fall. To me, it feels like I am retaining more information and learning more, than when I was in school 20 years ago, but then again, maybe now I am paying attention!!LOL. Hey, I have 10 years on you, so if I can do it, so can you!!! Good luck. time management is the key!!!
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    Wow thanks for sharing your story. I am 54 and have returned to college to get my nursing degree after being and LVN for 28 yrs.
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    I turned 28 in June and am about to start my 2nd semester of my BSN program. In fact, there are a lot of other students my age in my program, as well as many older than us.

    No real advice because I haven't seen this as a disadvantage of any kind. You've got life (and school - I hear you on the 10 years of college!) experience to help prepare you for entering the program. I'll tell you what I tell anyone starting a nursing program: it's an entirely different kind of experience, no matter how much college experience you've had! Like you, I've been in college for 10 years before starting my program and this really is unlike anything I've done to this point. Don't beat yourself up if you struggle with it at first. Make friends and study with them. That was hard for me, but it really does help. Don't be afraid to talk to your professors, whether you're struggling or excelling. They're there for a reason.

    Good luck!
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    these threads always make me feel so much better! I am 28 now but will be at least 35+ by the time I finish my ultimate goal. I've never felt old before, but being in class with a bunch of teenagers has made me feel so lol
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    I look at my situation now as compared to 10 years ago right out of high school, and I am MUCH more well equipped to go to college and excel now than before. Don't get me wrong, I was a very good student, but I had NO support then. Actually, I was enrolled in college and about to start when my parents convinced me that it was a smarter decision to just get a good job (making $10/hr), than to go to college. They didn't want me to have to get school loans and be in debt afterwards. Great parents, right?! Anyway, now I have a supportive man, that is giving me the opportunity to go to school full time and not have to work at all unless I choose to so that I can concentrate on my education. It still infuriates me at them when I look back and some of the stuff they held me back from doing to further my education, just because they were lazy and didn't want to be involved, but realize it has made me that much stronger. It might not be right, but that anger and resentment fuels me on further to get my degree.
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