Admit it. You do it.

  1. 10 The more you learn and practice the more things become second nature to you. Have you ever caught yourself looking at other people's veins?

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    This is true and sadly I'm not even in nursing school yet. :-)
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    I totally admire really good veins....and realize I'm not in the hospital setting at that particular moment.
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    you caught me!
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    Yes, all the time. I took Spin yesterday and spent the entire class looking at this GIANT vein running up the instructor's arm thinking "I could get a 14g in that!"
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    I thought for sure this thread was going to be about farting in the med room.
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    haha, maybe not strangers but my family is like "leave me a lone!"
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    Hilarious, I know this will be me because during the A&P classes I was so intrigued with taking BP on my little ones and showing my husband the dissect videos I took in class.

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