30 stages of Nursing school

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    very nice!
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    So far- all that is very true LOL

    Except for the psych pills- no thank you!!!
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    I'm only on step 1! LOL!
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    Pretty close for me except for the "yay finally pediatrics!" I was more like oh my god I don't think ill make it through pedi followed by THANK GOD it's finally over haha
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    I was at 23 for sure today! But, I completed what needed to be finished and got my biology question clarified for absolute understanding! So needless to say, I'm ready for my test tomorrow!
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    I laughed so hard at 23 cause I do that alot, LOL.
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    Interesting! I enjoyed it...I think I am on number one..lol
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    I love this! #1 & #23 totally relate to me!
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    Loved it. Gosh, it really hit the nail on the head!!!
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    Very good
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    Loved this!!
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    Thought it was going to be stupid before I clicked on it.

    Was actually pretty accurate!

    I Lol'd.

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