2 weeks to go...

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    Nursing school starts in 2 weeks! Who's excited?
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    Mine actually starts in 1 week. I'm nervous but I'm really excited too~!
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    It is a blast! Best of luck!
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    MEEEEEEEEE !!! I'm super excited. My last semester. I can barely contain myself.
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    I'm excited!!! After 2 years of working on pre-req's and non-nursing courses... I'm ready to begin the actual nursing courses and clinicals. My class starts the week of the 29th. We are able to get our books on the 17th and that is exciting too. I just can't wait!!!
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    Me, me, me, me, meeeeeee!
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    same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    One week for me and it's my last semester. THANK GOD!
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    Only one very short week for me! Can't say I'm too excited, just ready to get it done and over with considering it's my last semester! Let's hope denouement doesn't kick in too soon
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    wow you guys start early, i still have 4 weeks until we start. not terribly excited because ive heard our junior year is the hardest and thats what i'm starting.

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