1st Nursing Test Ever....

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    I got a B! I'm so happy. This is such a load off my mind. Funny thing is...i can't wait to start studying for the next one. I wonder how everyone else's first test went.
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    Great job! I am hoping to get an A or B for mine, but if I end up only getting a passing 75%, I'll be content with that as well lol. Our first exam is tomorrow morning! I'm feeling oddly optimistic but a little nervous at the same time.

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    Congrats on the good grade! WOOT WOOT!!!!
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    astronomynerd86 you're gonna do great! thanks for the congrats! i feel like a million bucks!
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    I got a B too (90). I was happy with that!

    Congratulations! Now it's time to get ready for the next one!

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    Got a B on my lecture test and an A on my pharm test!
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    Oh, and congrats to everyone!
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    My first exam is tommorow morning. Im pretty optimistic about it. im not sure if its false hope but i spent alot of time trying figure out what my weaknesses are. So tell me this??...how do you thing you managed to get a B. This is a dream that i can not let go!!! I love Nursing and i love my studies but i have to make sure im doing the studys right! i also understand Nclex style questions are a biggie.... Im still smiling!
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    Our books have online resources that give you nclex type questions as review at the end of the chapters. I also bought a book called Test Success. It helps you to eliminate answers. It really is an amazing book.
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    PREP-U is really amazing software that really helps me.

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