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Here's mine: I was working a night shift, which to this day I truly detest. When I got report, I found I had a patient in acute alcohol withdrawal (which in and of itself makes me furious,... Read More

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    Quote from Brenda-RN,BSN, WA.
    Not only are nurses human, so are doctors. I have a personal experience regarding a doctor that made me realize that they too are only human, and they have even bigger consequences to face. My oldest son who is now 5 was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition by accident. I took him into the ped. because he had a bad cold. Our ped. was out on a leave so we saw a different doc. He did a full assessment on my son since he had never seen him before, thank goodness. Anyway, he heard a murmur, which had never been heard before, and got a horrible look on his face, and said that we need to go to a ped. cardiologist within the next week. We had an appointment set up, but I had to take him back to the ped. a couple of days later because his URI was getting worse, by now his regular ped. was back. She listened to his heart and said it was a normal murmur, and to not even go to the cardiologist. Well, I did because of the look on the other doc's face. Two months later we were at Stanford Medical Center having open heart surgery. We live in Seattle, and were told they couldn't perform the surgery because they had only seen my son's condition in autopsies. Our regular pediatrician made a mistake, we still go to her becasue we really like her,and she is human. Many people we know think we're crazy but I have to say, when we go in, or call, we get fast treatment, and all of my kids get a more than thorough check each time. I think everyone needs to realize that we all make mistakes, but as long as we learn from them that's what counts. If there's anyone reading this from Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, or Stanford, thank you, even if you did not have anything to do with my son's care, they are both wonderful hospital's. And Dr. Hanley is a miracle worker!
    Seriously? That doc totally and completely missed a heart condition, ignoring the murmur.. your child needed open heart surgery-- yet you STILL trust this doc with your children's healthcare??? WOW you are far far more forgiving than I.. I would have , among other emotional things, sued his ass off...