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  1. HipsterNurse

    How often do you see New grad hired straight into Peds??

    i would have hated nursing if i had to do some time in adult med surge. just gross. not my thing... i was hired right into pediatrics at the place that i work it. and most of my classmates were hired in the specialties that they wanted to be in. it really depends on the hospital. in most metropolitan cities, i wouldn't doubt it that they hire new grads because the demand is so high for nurses. I'm in long beach, ca and it seems like we are ALWAYS short of nurses. THank god for peds. I thought I was going to hate working with kids when I was in nursing school, but after that semester was over i realized i loved it!
  2. HipsterNurse

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    the nurses that i work with in general pediatrics don't! i am a young nurse. i have only worked for four months. everyone is very helpful. i think it varies by situation.
  3. does anyone else feel this way? i did my preceptorship as a student for 3 months from last september to december... i am now working in the same hospital, department, and have the same preceptor... everyone is great, yet i am still very nervous to be all on my own. does anyone feel this way at all? actually... i'm pretty terrified to start on my own. i feel like my head is going to explode when it gets too busy. I always write out what I need to do for my patients when I start, but it still seems like there is so much to do. I love working in the children's hospital, but it's so stressful. Any suggestions? I'm so stressed out. i have dreams about getting to work late and wake up ever hour the night before work...
  4. HipsterNurse

    Who loves it??????

    There are so many jobs that people don't like. Problems exist in every profession. I can't really vouch for liking my job or not because I've only been at it for 2 months... So far I like it. It is definatley stressful being a new grad. THere are so many options in nursing. You could do anything from bedside care in the hospital, to community health, to teaching, to working in salons in beverly hills doing botox injections.
  5. HipsterNurse

    Why do you love being a pediatric nurse?

    because babies can't talk back to you, you can hold them down, and force them to take medications, and they are just so adorable and huggable... well that's why i like to work with the babies most of all... haha... but i love peds =)
  6. HipsterNurse

    Does it matter which Cal State one goes to?

    Don't go to san bernardino! I'm sure the school is not bad, but the city sucks! I grew up there. There is nothing to do! Housing is cheaper there and it is more suburban than L.A... But there are so many things to do in LA. THe city is filled with so much more culture then san bernardino.
  7. HipsterNurse

    Took Nclex For The Second Time

    i took the test 3 times... just don't give up! i think in the first place, i did not do enough practice questions... make sure to do questions questions questions. i know it is a teious process but it will all be worth it! it was the worst 7 months of my life! but you can do it if i could! good luck.
  8. HipsterNurse

    Anyone still feel insecure after 1 year??

    my assistant unit manager said it took her 2 years to feel comforatable. it takes time. it's not something that comes so easy. but it's a good thing to worry because that means that you obviously care about your job.