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I was thinking about this really awkward situation that happened to me a couple years ago and I thought it'd be funny if you all shared your most awkward moments in your nursing career. Without... Read More

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    I have one from just a few days ago actually..
    this past saturday, i went into a pt's room to get her cleaned up for the day. well, shes a little bit of a larger woman, has issues with weakness, and has some incontinence trouble so she was using breifs. we get her all cleaned up in bed and im having her roll side to side and back to the other side trying to get the brief all situated.. finally i gave up on the rolling idea and asked her "can you lift you bottom up so i can adjust your brief?", because i wasn't sure how much strength she had. Out from left field comes her response.. "well yeah, my husband and i still have sex you know! i may be a good christian woman but i'm no prude." awwwkward. At that point, all i could say was "ok, lift your bottom for me"
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