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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    I've done this

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    You go outside at 3pm in your pajamas to check the mail
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    Quote from my3suns
    you stand patiently waiting at the elevator at 730 am. someone else walks up and actually pushes the down button.

    I occasionally find myself using my badge to try and "swipe" the elevator door, or bathroom door, or other doors without the ability to read swipe badges. Autopilot...a scary thing!
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    Quote from sapphire18
    You haven't seen your boss in 2 months...and that's ok!
    Not just "OK", but a GOOD THING.
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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    I've had whole conversations with people who called my phone during the day when I was sleeping and forgot to silence it, and then totally forgotten the entire conversation. Apparently I can hold up my end of the conversation pretty well though - only my mom can tell when I'm sleep-talking
    I used to do this very same thing, lol.
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    You become disoriented with time,place and person=)
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    Your body prefers night shift so strongly, you have intense difficulty switching back to days--Circadian Rhythm, my ***!
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    When your friends call you a vampire

    When you play with the PA while singing elvis

    You hide in an empty cubicle and jump out at a doctor passing by nearly making them **** themselves

    Can say the alphabet starting in the middle

    Have NASCAR wheelchair races using the ED as the track
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    Quote from Rhi007

    Can say the alphabet starting in the middle
    I love me some night shift, but what?!
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    Quote from whitecat5000
    You can see in the dark better than most.
    Oh gosh, I never put 2 and 2 together on that one until my apartment building lost power one night while my boyfriend was in the kitchen. I basically went on a rescue mission to save him from slamming into the coffee table, the chairs, the walls. "What, you didn't see the couch? It's right there! What do you want the flashlight for?"

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