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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    This thread is full of win!

    ...when you've been on a staycation for the past two weeks and still eat dinner around 0200 and consider going to bed at 0500 going to bed early.

    ...seeing bright daylight makes your sleep center panic. I met my aunt for lunch a few days ago and I kept saying "I'm not hungry, my body is telling me to go back to bed!"

    .....0430-0530 is the longest hour ever, yet at 0600 you start zooming through your charting, clearing pumps, mentally counting down the minutes!
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    ....when you have to hear yet another person say "wow, graveyard shift in a hospital must be so BORING; do you watch tv or something to pass the time?"

    Seriously, that might be a death penalty offense. I swear to God, my patients in the hospital did anything BUT sleep, and the ones who did sleep, we constantly woke up for vitals or blood sugar checks. I can't even imagine the nightmare of having to deal with meals on top what I already do (I'm a CNA) and have no desire to ever switch and find out.
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    And now for my own contribution:

    When you hear the evening drive guy on the radio saying, "TGIF! Welcome to the weekend!" on your way to work. And realize you have never once in your life ever held a job where Friday means ANYTHING! ;-)
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    You occasionally don your sunglasses in the building because the interior lights are too bright and screwing with your sleep/wake pattern.
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    I know THAT one, especially on a full moon!
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    Quote from danielle5454
    You become disoriented with time,place and person=)
    When checking a pt's orientation to time, I often find myself double-checking my watch & saying "you're right!". It's sad to realize just how fragile my grasp on the month-of-the-year can be at 0400.
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    Worked nights for years, I've switched to days now... but I am STILL amazed that when I leave work it is STILL the same day as when I went in to work.
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    My issue is that on the way home I aways want Chipotle or Pizza or some other dinner type food, yet nothing is open. I have definitely stopped at a stop sign and had someone honk behind me while I wait for it to turn green. I have also used my GPS so I don't miss my exit.
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    Quote from nightnurse28
    You are called at all hours of the day to pick up shifts!

    If I haven't slept yet and I answer the call, I can't come to work in the next 4 hours. If I worked last night I'll be asleep when you call. I'm all for picking up the occasional shift, just give me some notice!
    Yes! We used to get this all the freakin' time. 1700 - want to come in for an extra shift? NO.


    r/e the whole "Want me to turn on a light?"
    I always answer "I'm a night nurse. I can see in the dark."
    But what I'm really thinking is: you might really wake up if I turn on the lights. Want an extra oxy to help you sleep?
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    You give a detailed report and sound like an idiot with messing up, " tonight, no yesterday night, no the night that just passed!" anyone else? i now just give dates 1/15 th night or 1/16th around 4 am .
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    duplicate post
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    After getting home at 9am, at 1 pm , " are you still sleeping?" I can not stand this and reply in an angry tone , " do you sleep at 1 am after working 13 hours?"
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    Quote from anotherone
    You give a detailed report and sound like an idiot with messing up, " tonight, no yesterday night, no the night that just passed!" anyone else? i now just give dates 1/15 th night or 1/16th around 4 am .
    And God help you if you're trying to talk about something that happened a day ago on night shift.
    "Last night. No, not *this* last night, *last* last night."

    It ends up sounding like some sort of 'Who's on First?' bit....