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This is meant to start people thinking about their own nursing practices, those of their colleagues, patient safety, cleanliness of the unit, palatable food, empathy of the staff, so on and so forth etc. How about on your... Read More

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    I delivered my youngest at my hospital and a few years later had a hysto there as well. My sister was also a pt there recently for several days. No issues at all with it...at least I know who to refuse to have as nurses or doctors!

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    Yes and no in regards to my old facility. I know the great nurses and I know the bad. I know the great doctors and I know bad. I thought we did a great job in our ICU, but it is an outdated kind of yucky ICU still with curtains and once, in the middle of the night a cockroach fell on me while sitting at the nurses station talking to coworkers drinking some coffee.

    So, it depends for what. If I could hand pick my doctors and nurses and CNA's, probably. I am weirded out by male coworkers having to see my private areas, although where I am working now, I gave in and am letting the male echo tech I am friendly with do my echo.

    My exH was just a patient in the hospital I spent 5 years and am still close with. He was happy with the care, they treated him well, even though they all know what the bast ard did to me, because they are professionals. He was on the floor I did orientation on years ago and the nurse manager was one of my preceptors. I respected her and had him ask if I could bring our 4 year old daughter to visit and she said yes. )don't worry, I made sure it was a "clean room" first and we didn't stay long.

    We did have a poor nurse who had just given birth and ended up in the ER with high fevers. Her doctor sent her home twice and they finally admitted her and called an RRT on her because of her change in mental status, so she ended up in our ICU. There we all knew there was something wrong, but the doctor wasn't taking it so seriously. One day a very proactive nurse got her transferred out to a better hospital because she was not doing well. She had meningitis and had a very rough course at the other hospital, one we probably couldn't handle. She made it out alive with a small deficit and came back to thank us all.

    I have to say the hospital's food is delicious. I'm not kidding. Especially the pepper steak. The dietician used her hookup to get us some extra trays we loved it so much. I went to the nicer bigger hospital in the system to have my daughter and the food was absolutely disgusting. Thank God that hospital had a Mc Donalds in it.
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    Quote from SNB1014
    (And for those of you sarcastic folks, let me clarify, if you work on a pedi unit for example, would you recommend your friend's child to be admitted at your facility? If you are a man, would you feel comfortable with your wife delivering at your on L&D? etc haha)
    Dang- way to think ahead, I saw the title and I clicked on the thread to make a smart comment about working in peds.

    If I had kids I'd be happy sending them to my hospital for care. Well, not happy that they needed to be hospitalized, but I'd be comfortable with the care they'd get. I work in the ED and many of us joke, however, that if something ever happens to any of us on the job to either let us die or transfer us out before any clothing has to come off.

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