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We had a patient who was actively dying. The MD spoke with the family and they were deciding whether or not to make this patient a DNR. I went into the patient's room with the primary RN to see the... Read More

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    I remember in the hospital that Hospice ruiquired witnesses to DNRs for ambulance transport, etc. The DNR in the hospital was an MD order, but there was something about when the patient went with Hospice. I also remember family and hospital employees could not witness it, but now I'm unclear what it was.
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    My hospital does this too....if the Family chooses to be a DNR, there is a form that is filled out that requires 2 witnesses also....and usually hospital visitors are used. I'm in the Houston area. I have seen it as both Family+md order only, and the 2 witnesses form. I will also, look for a policy regarding this.
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    Perhaps families & hospital employees cannot witness wills? (As in the who-gets-my-stuff-type of will).
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    In FL the official form for DNRO valid outside of a hospital is signed by the patient or the legal representative (POA, HCS, guardian) and the MD/DO. No other witnesses needed.
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    Quote from AnonRNC
    Perhaps families & hospital employees cannot witness wills? (As in the who-gets-my-stuff-type of will).
    a DNR is not a will
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    Quote from Esme12
    a DNR is not a will
    I know...I just thought that may be a possible source of confusion. The term "living will" may mislead some.
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    Different states have different regulations and different terminology which is a part of the problem but I have NEVER heard of gathering random visitors to witness any document about another patient.

    I am sure we don't have the complete story....If we do then the hospital is doing something against HIPAA.