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So I'm wondering how many of you work with a Doctor that really practice like the TV counterpart Dr. House? I mean I sure the writers are getting these ideas from some Rebel Doc out there...right?... Read More

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    Quote from imintrouble
    A real life Dr House would practice medicine in a real life hospital for about half a day. He'd get awful survey scores. The nurses would write him up. Management would reprimand him, and some crazy pt would send him to the great beyond. But wouldn't it be fun to watch the fireworks.
    Ah, but this has come up several times in the series. He's a darn good doctor and saves peoples lives. I'd feel obligated to put up with it if he saved lives, but maybe I'm biased because I'm a huge fan of the show. Also, I think it would be freaking AWESOME if they introduced a nurse who had just as much attitude as house (only towards him of course) who actually cared a lot about the patients. They could always be at each others throats. She would be an older nurse (i've always pictured a lady like the one of patch adams, the older african american nurse) who's been practicing for at least 20 years, has great comebacks and plays practical jokes on him, and maybe even helps him realize that caring for a patient or two isn't such a bad thing instead of just wanting to solve the puzzle. Maybe his interest in a patient would help to solve the puzzle if you know what I mean. Who's with me?!!
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    What a great idea! Write that one in to the producers maybe you can be a highly paid consultant too!

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