Why is a condom cath also called a Texas Cath?

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    Why is a Condem catheter also called a Texas cath? We were talking about it in class and the instructors could not agree on a reason.

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    Where are you from that they call it that? I'm from Texas, and I've never heard it. Weird.
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    I never heard that either.
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    I'm in texas, but one of my instructors is from Boston and that is where they used to say that.
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    HA haha, In Virginia some of the old nurses called them "texas caths," but I think it was more a term of flattery for the patients...
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    I'm in Jersey and I call it a Texas cath, but I have no idea why it's called that.
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    I'm from Texas and have heard them called that. Sorry, cannot offer any insight as to the origin of the name.
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    I believe it was the name of the major manufacturer -- like calling a tissue a "Kleenex" when it was made by another company. A lot of products get to be known by the name of the company that makes them -- especially when the company name is printed prominently on the wrapper.

    llg (age 55)
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    In the dim recesses of my old nurse brain I seem to remember the word Texas actually being on the package. Either they were made in Texas or the manufacturer had Texas in its name.
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    I always thought it was because they were bigger in size to slip on external over the penis, since everything is bigger in texas, hence is where I thought the name came from
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