White Nursing Dresses?

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    Where are the white nursing dresses? How about ones that aren't so see through, short, and low cut? Does anyone know where to buy these sort of dresses or are these the only type they make anymore?

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  2. Poll: Do you think that more appropriate dress are needed for the nurses?

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    i didnt even know they were made any more. I havent ever seen a nurse wear one, outside of the black and white movies.
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    You've looked at uniform stores? We had to wear white nursing dresses for our pinning ceremony, and while there wasn't much of a selection, all that I saw were very traditional and conservative.

    Another idea if you can't find one you like is to wear a white skirt with a uniform top.

    Just curious, do you need one for school or work?
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    Here are a few sites that offer white nursing dresses. You may want to have the ol' slip handy or ask about the thread count. I have seen 65/35 poly/cotton, however, some sites advertise this and say that they have a higher thread count to combat the see-thru problem. Good luck!

    Cheap scrubs.com

    Crest Uniforms

    Uniforms ETC

    NursingHands. The description states, "traditional nursing uniforms".

    Tender Loving Care

    T S Uniforms

    Uniform Vogue. Be sure to click the "styles" links on the upper left part of this page.

    There are many more out there. Try a search using "nursing+scrubs+dresses"
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    I wear a white low cut see through dress and I'm hear to tell ya i look damn good
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    I have to tell you, I look better than kewl nurse in a white dress uniform. Especially when I am riding the bed to the OR doing cpr.

    I find I get quite a few people looking at my bum.

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    Yeehaw...get those photo posts up NOW!!!
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    Hey nilepoc--didn't I see you in the last little "video" my ex-boyfriend rented???? Way to supplement that income!
    Now--there are white, 100% cotton scrubs, and scrub dresses available from a lot of sources. I had to wear white in school, and had the ER where I worked order me 2 white scrub dresses--best things in the world!! Cheap, easily replaced if they got grungy--which of course they did--and because I did NOT want to supplement my income, not tight or see-thru.
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    There's a fellow in England who has an entire website devoted to his love for nurses in uniform! Believe it or not it's just pictures. No porno -sorry.


    Here is his supply list for REAL uniforms.


    I haven't ordered any uniforms from there, but I have sent for the Alexander Workwear catalog. I am fascinated with the silver buckles, cardboard caps and sleeve protectors. They seem to have departed from our evolution to the color scrubs and only now are getting into that.

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    I'd like to see that Kwel Don't forget to shave your legs before you put on your pantyhose...LMAO

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