Which Field of Nursing Do You Love and Why?

  1. Which field of nursing do you love? ER? Med/Surg? Peds? ICU? etc?

    and why??
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  3. by   phoenixfire
    I love critical care... because there is so much to learn, so much to do, and so many opportunities to teach and make a difference. I love to explain things via patho, and when your loved one is attached to dozens of tubes and recieving meds you've never heard of, I think that people appreciate knowing those types of details. Personally, critical care is a challenge for me (not that any part of nursing is easy) and that makes it more intriguing. I like being able to focus all of my attention on one or two patients, and really being able to think about everything that is going on with them. There is so much detail, and so many pieces of a puzzle that have to be put together to see the big picture. :redpinkhe
  4. by   MedSurgeMess
    I med/surg....you have to know a little bit of everything and like to stay busy.
  5. by   SteffersRN87
    Oncology! There is much to know and learn... and you keep learning! I have so many skills from the specialty, too. The patients are great to take care of!
  6. by   newboy
    And to add mine.. I love med/surg.. I love the diverse background, the unpredictability, the intensity.. you're just never bored and you have to always be on your toes!!!
  7. by   rdjfraser
    To many to choose from. So many areas of practice, research and education that fascinate me, part of why I started Nursing Ideas.

    If I had to choose one area of practice, I think I might say Multi-Organ Transplant, but that is my experience bias. I would love to try a critical care in adult or peds some day.
  8. by   PostOpPrincess
    My favorite (at this particular time) is NICU and Recovery Room.

    I love NICU for the babies and the families.

    I love the Recovery Room for the fact that patients don't hang around.

    Basic, but the truth.
  9. by   zuzi
    Love Ortho, give me Orthos as many as good, let me there with people and them H&H, sutures stiches, to talk to see, drains, Txs, blood thiners, labs, ROM, weight bearings, pain meds, spinal block, epidurals, PCAs.... nerves blocks.... OMG... a beauty...
  10. by   texasbsn
    Psy nursing all the way,interesting no two patients and conditions are the same,it is a field that is still very new

    Happy hoildays
  11. by   NurseKatie08
    I love Geriatric Rehab ---so many different conditions, co-morbidities, etc...you also get to really know your patients since they are there for a long time. There's something special about seeing someone come in who can barely move after a long illness & seeing them walk out weeks later on their own two feet knowing you were part of what made that happen.
    I also love the teaching part of rehab--teaching patients, and teaching&learning with other nurses...going back to school in the fall to persue a MSN in Nursing Education!
  12. by   sasha1224
    Chronic NICU aka as stepdown NICU aka Newborn Developmental Unit. Absolutely love my little BPD'ers, chronic vents and feeder/growers. Esp the feeder/growers.
  13. by   NeoNurseTX
    NICU - love seeing these kiddos grow and teaching the parents about them and how to care for them. Plus I love the critical care aspect and that you don't ALWAYS have unstable patients. Nice balance.
  14. by   Scrubby
    I love working in the operating room because I get to see so many different surgical procedures performed and I get to see some awesome anatomy. As a scrub nurse I get to play with all sorts of instruments and equipment, there is so much to learn everyday.