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    I really appreciate all your nice comments , but, I don't deserve all the credit All I did was create a website for nurses to learn, share knowledge and network with each other. The real magic is all of you!

    The AN Staff, Admins, Moderators, Nurses, students and all AN members are what make allnurses.com such an amazing place for us all!

    All of you help make this a wonderful source of knowledge sharing, a welcoming environment for people to feel safe and participate in discussions! Posting intriguing nursing discussions and topics that all nurses can relate to. Sharing nursing related news and tips for the benefit of the whole community! It's really amazing!

    For all of you that appreciate AN, remember that all the staff that help do a wonderful job moderating and keeping the site clean from spam and personal attacks and enforce our Terms of service is a big reason why so many people enjoy AN!

    Thanks to all of you!
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    Thank you !!!!!

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