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ExtraShotNoWhip has 6 years experience and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Wanted: cool name for a team

    Echo delta crew...?
  2. ExtraShotNoWhip

    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I heard they got mandated on a holiday...
  3. ExtraShotNoWhip

    4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    so I was standing on the corner minding my own business and some guy hit me....
  4. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Top 10 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Go On Vacation

    Numbers 8, 9, and 1 over and over and over. Also, you swear you can still hear your acsom, or whatever nursing phone that is chained to you, in the distance.
  5. ExtraShotNoWhip

    A Never Ending Battle

  6. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Is this professional?

    My best guess is she is showing off her sunglasses, or as someone else said, maybe she likes how her hair looks with them on it. Maybe she is afraid someone will steal them if off her person and not locked up. Either way, I do not believe it looks professional and is a sanitation issue. If you feel comfortable bring it up to her, privately, or drop you nursing manager an anonymous note. Gossip sucks and is also unprofessional.
  7. ExtraShotNoWhip

    When and how did AN begin?

    Thank you !!!!!:redbeathe
  8. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Is this the norm?!?

    Keep your license....RUN
  9. ExtraShotNoWhip

    What grosses YOU out?

    Dirty mouth with the tongue fuzz and white/yellow/green/brown disgustingness on every oral surface. However suctioning and normal phlegm does not bother me.
  10. ExtraShotNoWhip

    sending an online thank you after interview

    Unfortunately that nice, thoughtful, extra little guesture appears to be mandatory, now. Send it Good luck :)
  11. ExtraShotNoWhip

    How hard is nursing school? Another question...

    I didn't think nursing school was hard just very time consuming. Also it requires a different thinking process. You will learn/reinforce critical thinking skills. The test questions will be the type of questions you will see on your nursing board exam. Once you learn how to "read" and answer them you will figure out how and what to study Best wishes
  12. ExtraShotNoWhip

    staying on track

    When I have wavering focus I make a goal sheet. It is usually 5 short term and 1 or 2 long term goals. Eg. ST I will study x hours w/i the next x days, I will keep a tidy work area to study at, I will make x amount of me time. LT I will get at least a x on the teas, I will get into nursing school. Everyone is different; this is something I like to do and it works for me.
  13. ExtraShotNoWhip

    The LPN trap

    Yes, at least the area I live in, LPN oppertunities are LTC or "simple" home health cases. I have been an LPN for 3 years, just passed my RN boards last Monday :clpty: Despite my 3 years of nursing experience, potential employers see me as a no experience new grad RN. Which for the areas I am applying for and the areas I have worked in I begrudgingly understand...If you are thinking about it, the best advice I can give is, get your RN ASAP!
  14. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Alzheimer's: Communicating in Pictures

    Ruby, I really enjoy your stories and postings. That must have been an absolutely wonderful week with your mother. I am so happy you received that gift.
  15. ExtraShotNoWhip

    One Born Every Minute

    What, The Bachelor is not real?!?!?!!! p.s. I laugh at that part of the commercial too
  16. ExtraShotNoWhip

    Yet another CEN!!!