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    Quote from Canelo
    This didn't take place in a hospital but is relevant. My father had lung cancer and was in hospice at a care facility back in 2003. He was not expected to live much longer and being several states away I had made plans to go see him before he passed. My brother who lived in the same area was visiting him almost daily and keeping me up to date. One night I had a very vivid dream (or so I thought) that I woke up with my father sitting at the end of my bed and talking to me, telling me how proud he was of me and how I was living my life. When I woke up the next morning I could remember the whole experience very clearly and called my brother to ask if my father had passed away. He said no, that he was still hanging on but doing no better. I thought it must have just been a dream at that point yet it still remains in my head very clearly 11 years later. A few days after this dream my father did pass before I was able to fly out and see him. To this day I still believe his soul left his body prior to his passing and he visited me knowing I would not be making it in time to see him. In some ways I am glad I never saw him as he was dying as the images I have of him are all when he was healthy. A few years ago I was working on a project in the garage and could not find a tool that I needed. My father had always been proud of my mechanical abilities and I said out loud "Dad, could you help me find the tool I need". I know it sounds weird but that tool appeared on a shelf that I had looked at several times and I feel he was with me at the moment and helped me by producing that tool. Thanks for reading.
    This resonated with me as I am still processing and grieving my dad, even two years later. I feel him everyday and ask for his help often. As he is a proponent for education I mourn that he was not physically here to see me graduate with my masters. Now I have a goal to achieve that he started but never finished, my doctorate.
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    One of my hospice patients had a son who is a preacher. As his end came, the family gathered round and we all prayed, held hands, and watched as he passed. (The whole day was a day of reminiscing, seeing to his comfort and general fellowship with the family.) Right after his death as we held hands to pray a strange chiming began of a jazzy version (is there any other kind) of When the Saints go Marching In.

    I forgot to turn off my hospice phone and that was its ring tone which just happened to play at that exact moment. We had a few awkward chuckles about it.

    My coworker had been telling me for weeks I have to change it. :/