What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit? What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit? | allnurses

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What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit?

  1. 0 I wanted to get a poll on nurse patient ratio. I know its different in every unit. So if you can indicate what unit you work in, that would be great! Thank you.

    I work in a neuro tele unit and we get 5 patients.
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    pediatrics, 3-4, if you have 3 at the start of your shift you are an admit spot. Only once have I had to have 5.
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    I work in a sub acute nuero unit. We get 5pts and max 6 for NOC shift.
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    5:1 - Surgical (post-op) floor in Northern California.
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    I am a LPN who use to wrk med surg floor. I would receive 5-6 patients..
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    Blood and marrow transplant. Typically 3:1. 2:1 if you have a very ill patient.
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    ER. Main is 4:1 but usually wind up as 5:1. Fast track is 5:1 or 8:1 depending on staffing.
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    I work ER and we are 4:1. If we get an ICU patient then the ratio might drop to 3:1 if that ICU is critical.
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    I work on a medical/cardiac PCU which is actually more medical telemetry than a PCU (no titrating drips, etc.). The ratio is usually 5:1 but it can and very often goes to 6:1 - which is usually (not always - usually) a nightmare.
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    1:1 for labors, 3-4 couplets:1 RN for post partum/mom-baby.

    I work LDRP on nights.
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    Psych, 6:1
    California law will not let it exceed that.
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    I work on a split med-tele/progressive care unit. Med-tele has 5:1 max day & 6:1 max on NOC shift. PCU is a max ratio of 3:1 at all times. Even if we only have one PCU patient and 2 med-tele patients.
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    I work on what I would call a mix of step down and med surg patients. My floor gets vent patients, renal failure patients, kidney transplants and kidney/pancreas transplants, urology patients, and everything in between. On day shift, the ratio is 3-4:1. If a nurse has a vent patient, they try to keep that nurse at 3:1 with no admits. At night, the ratio is 5-6:1, even with a vent, although effort is made to keep a nurse with a vent at 5:1. Although I like working night shift, I wish more effort was made to keep day shift ratios even at night. If I have a vent patient, I spend a lot of time with that patient, and I can't have 4-5 other patients that are trying to climb out of bed or pull at their lines. That's typically my load. 6 patients with a vent would be more doable if most of the patients were alert and oriented, and trying to sleep. Otherwise it's unsafe.