What is a professional nurse?

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    What defines a professional nurse?

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    The term Professional Nurse is a Registered licensed by the state.

    A Vocational Nurse is an LPN.
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    According to my elitist-snob "professional role developement "course... you are not a professional unless you have a Bachelor's degree.. Yeah, my husband, the computer geek, was devastated when I came home and informed him that even though he looks professional, acts professional, and works in a "profession", he is by no means a professional!
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    Professional is someone who knows how to do their job and does it to the best of their ability.

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    There are lots of lists of what defines a professional and this thread investigated this very idea a while back.

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    Why stop at a Bachelor's degree? Also let us not stop at a lowly Master's Degree. Let's make it a PhD, no two of them, better yet 3 PhDs before one can be called a professional. That sounds good and arbitrary. And please, let us use education alone to determine if someone is a professional. Certainly we should not use competence, attitude, or ability; that would be heresey! Who the hell cares what label someone else slaps on you? Nursing is a profession that makes all of us professionals.
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    ainz, i await YOUR answer to this question as it's been tackled by many of us here before.

    also, I await your tutelage on the language of administration...and how we ---YES I WILL SAY IT---professional nurses communicate so we are not seen as whiny, bitter, powerless, greedy little people. That IS what was inferred before....

    I believe, even though I (as yet) lack a baccalaureate degree, I am a consummate professional. But this IS JMO, as always.
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    Alisdair Cooke (very elderly, respected USA-UK journalist) defines being a professional as:

    'a professional does his best work - even when he doesn't feel like it'

    I've always kept that in mind.

    Another 'item' close to my heart on this subject is that a profession nurtures and teaches its own.

    I know we've done this before, but I like to know what newer members are now thinking.
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    ainz, how do you define a professional nurse?
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    >yawn< not again...

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