What kind of lunch box do you have?

  1. I've recently gotten into packing my lunch at work (I'm a nurse tech, but I think this is applicable across the board) and have been just sticking everything in a plastic bag and hoping it's ok in the fridge at work. I'm looking into getting a lunch box but I'm not sure what size to get as I work 12 hour shifts and want room for snacks as well as a drink and meal. I've seen the L.L. Bean ones but I'm not sure which one would be best. Anyone have any advice?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I have a small Coleman that I got at a yard sale for $1, lol. Have you checked out Walmart etc.? They should have the little vinyl zippered ones that work good and are probably way cheaper than LL Bean.
  4. by   SakredStrega
    I have one that I got from Linens and Things. I believe the name on it is BYO or something like that. I really like it. It actually holds A LOT more things than it looks like it would. And when it's empty, it's easy to fold up and put away. Everyone says it looks like a purse
  5. by   lvnandmomx3
    I have one that looks like a purse too. I bought it at CVS it has a brown and teal swirl pattern on it. I can fit quite alot in it, and only paid $6 for it think. I did see some pretty ones at WM after I got this one. I personnaly would not spend alot on one because not everyone is respectful of other people things. They may leave something above your bag that leaks and such and while most are washable they are never the same after.
  6. by   bassandtea
    I have a bento box - expensive, but I love it. One of the things I love about it is that I can put it in the microwave and dishwasher. It's one that has two levels, so I can put something in for lunch/dinner and something that makes a quick snack.
  7. by   karenG
    lunch box..

    over here that is a slang term for certain parts of a mans anatomy!
  8. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Quote from karenG
    lunch box..

    over here that is a slang term for certain parts of a mans anatomy!
    LOL, oh really? You learn something new every day!
  9. by   RNperdiem
    I use the LL Bean lunch boxes for my children. These lunch boxes are very durable and well made. They are worth the price. They might be a little small if you want space for snacks as well as lunch.
  10. by   lucky1RN
    This is what I use and I love it. But it was a gift and $50 is kinda steep for a lunch box.
  11. by   midcom
    I wouldn't spend much money on it. I've found that some people are just not as honest as I am & things tend to just disappear, probaby to be used by someone's child at school.

    A plastic bag works fine for me. I don't have to worry about hauling it home or feeling bad when it disappears.

    I do get mad, though, when the bag disappears before I eat lunch! That happened to me twice in nursing school. After the scond time, I purposely left a sandwich out in the car in the sun for half a day & then left it in the frig, as if I were going to eat it later. Dang, that one didn't get stolen.
  12. by   locolorenzo22
    I don't worry about it...I leave it in a plastic bag for the 20 mins it takes to get it to work and put it in the fridge....then keep the other stuff in my locker. My roommate's been using MY cooler though, it's a 12 buck cheapo from wally world, but it's been fine for the last 3 years....so I have better stuff to spend my money on...
  13. by   hikernurse
    Quote from karenG
    lunch box..

    over here that is a slang term for certain parts of a mans anatomy!
    Snort. Hard to pick those up at CVS...

    I take the reusable/disposable plastic containers. That way I don't mind if it gets stolen from the fridge...and what kind of person steals lunches anyway...sigh.

    Sometimes I'll go all out and take some Tupperware, but mostly I don't care that much .
  14. by   emnicams
    Our bosses gave us these giant insulated bags a few months ago. They are nice, with mesh pockets and zippers, and I've started carrying my lunch in that. I just put my food in a plastic Walmart bag and put it in the fridge when I get to work. I leave my snacks in the insulated bag. I could never find a "lunch box" big enough (I feel funny saying that now that I know that term has another meaning, haha). Anyway, I'm a big snacker at work so this little system has worked well for me. I also keep my "nursey" supplies and stethoscope in the bag.