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The standard advice during interviews when this question comes up is to pick a mild fault and put a positive spin about how you are dealing with it successfully. I suspect interviewers foolish enough to ask this question hear a... Read More

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    Quote from Jeweles26
    I have practically no filter for what is PC or should not be said. I'll tell it like it is, so if you don't really want to know what I think, don't ask.
    Love this!
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    I would admit that my expectations are too high for myself and feel like a failure when I make mistakes. I tend to put myself down and let others walk all over me. I'm too emotional and tend to let my emotions override rational thought at times.
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    "I have a lot of stress at home so I get really sleepy working the night shift. I know you won't mind if I curl up on one of those unoccupied patient beds for a 20 minute power nap. Can someone cover my vents for awhile?"
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    Here's mine:
    1. I don't give a crap about the company I work for. I don't care about saving the company money. I think company slogans and motivational programs are stupid and I will make fun of them.
    2. If I could go the whole day without talking to anybody, that'd be great.
    3. I will yell at someone who has done something egregiously stupid.
    4. I mentally decapitate every single person I hear say the (not really a) word "orientate." I will also think less of them the rest of the time I work with them.
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    Quote from AnGG
    Oh my goodness!! I had a phone interview today she asked my weakness, I told her I interupt people a lot (it's true). HAHA. At the end of the interview I told her I sucked at interviews, but I'm a wonderful employee. I'll let you all know if I got the job.
    Ahahhahaa hahahaha this just made me laugh out loud!!!

    Now I have an idea when they ask me for my weaknesses: I want to say interviews--and this is the truth ! I get so damn nervous and my choice of words are pretty poor lol!
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    I have a low tolerance for incompetence. That's why I like working night shift. Less people means less incompetence. "Oh. Did I just draw blood from a fistula?" "She's not responding; I think she's just tired" ::head desk::
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    I'm not very assertive. Sometimes I allow aides to walk all over me rather than fight with them.
    I'm a job hopper. I really want to stay working for you, but if I feel depressed and often have job related anxiety, I'll most likely quit.
    I love nursing, so much that I give my all and then I come home and have nothing left to give to those I truly do care about.
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    If I had to answer this question honestly:

    -I have a distrust of higher ups, starting with you (you referring to a manager, if I were interviewing with a manager). My default position I take with higher ups is skepticism of your words and sometimes outright disdain. You think I have to jump through hoops to meet your expectations? That may be true, but you have to do the same to prove you're not the same type of crappy manager I've worked with before. You're not the only one who's judging here. Oh, and if I find out you got your MSN at some random for-profit college, I cannot guarantee I will not laugh in your face.

    -In general I am not a very trusting person. It takes a while for me to figure out who I can trust and who I need to stay away from. That could be a weakness for a new nurse because if I need help, I will be reluctant to ask for it. I've had a very bad experience with a preceptor who told me one thing to my face, then stabbed me in the back later.

    -I have low self esteem. I let myself get talked into a nursing career when I wanted to be a biology major later going for medical school. I've worked with doctors who always said I should go to med school. All because I don't think I'm good enough. Because I think I'm just a simple work horse who does the bidding of others instead of fulfilling my wishes. I always cut off my own legs.
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    Quote from netglow
    I love that behavioral question: "When have you really ****** up, and how did you remedy the situation"

    Answer: "I almost let a patient bleed to death, but then got him some blood so he was fine, and then cleaned up the floor so nobody would slip..." LOL wouldn't that be great just to see the look on their faces?
    I keep coming back just to read this. It makes me laugh every time.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    "Don't put me on a floor where there are a lot of patient families bringing in food. I'll scarf all of it."

    Wow, you're brave!!!! In the world of nursing, eat when you can or think you can or just do it! I mean what nurse has time to even break away to the restroom? There's no app for that! I'm just paranoid of what might be in those goodies thanks to working with a paranoid nurse
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