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Hello everyone, I am very sad. I have been sad for the past 2.5 years and I want to know what you think. My mom suffered a massive stroke in July of 2004 which left her left side paralized and she is on social security. To make... Read More

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    If you call your Mom's insurance they should have an endless list of resources for you or at least have contact numbers for you to get started with. (I used to work for a senior health insurance company in my state). Also, you can contact the stroke association in your area or a stroke support group. They may be able to provide you with which facilities may be best for your mom's specific needs. I wish you the best....it's a tough decision. To give you reassurance, I have a niece that requires intensive 24 / 7 care. Over the last 22 years my brother and sister in law have been able to keep her home primarily because of the awsome care and dedication of home health nursing. My brother works full time and my sister in law works part time and goes to school full time. They are also able to go out every know and then on the weekends. It's tough but it can be done.
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    in your particular situation i think that the nursing home solution maybe be the best at least for the time being
    i think that you need some rest
    nursing school is stressful enough. if you can get some help during this time
    when you are self supporting you can make other arrangements

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