What have you done without a Dr. order??? What have you done without a Dr. order??? - pg.6 | allnurses

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What have you done without a Dr. order??? - page 7

So what things have you done withOUT a doctor's order, for a patient?? I don't think I'm too bad, I'll send off a stool for c-diff if a patient has diarrhea, order a stat ABG for a pt in resp... Read More

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    WOW! I can't imagine a Dr. actually entering an order....
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    Hi, great nurses! In the hospital where I work, Nurses always favour Doctors by doing their works even filling all sort of investigation forms, re-prescribing drugs that finished. With time I think we'll be given equal right with them.
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    In an emergency I have done everything except give medications unless I was functioning under a standing protocol. I have no hesitation at ordering certain blood work, EKG, CXR, applying oxygen, starting an IV if the patient needs it. I have never once in 32 years of nursing had a problem with any physician for doing this and taking the required action before speaking with them.
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    I've sent patients to the ER w/o a Dr's order, calling the on-call number then waiting for a call back was time I felt my patient didn't have to waste. I called after they were gone, got yelled at for making what ended up being a good call, been told the patient was DNH/CMO, paperwork never completed & placed into the chart by said NP/PA/DR. Will I do it again??? You Bet!