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Hi Everyone, I am curious what it is about new grads now that such a resistance is being met. 2 years ago a new grad got out of school and got a job just about anywhere they wanted, and it all has changed like poof what... Read More

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    Face it, we are the lost generation.

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    Quote from aubrianna
    if your at the top of your class than you know how hard it is to achieve that, and for me it was the greatest achievement of my life for many reasons relating to my childhood.
    why did you even interject about a topic that you know nothing about, your just a nursing student. this pertains to nurses, not you.

    those would be spelled "you're"

    Quote from flytnrs2b
    from the bit i read, i'd say you are pretty cocky and a turn off as a candidate. yes, you may have all the bells and whistles....but to be honest, they're too loud- and personally, i definitely wouldn't want to work with someone like that. you make it seem as if you know it all, and quite frankly if you did you wouldn't have put up this post.
    i suggest you keep trying, but with a more humble attitude. i myself will be a new grad in december, and i know that things are not the way they used to be a few years ago. but again, look around and see all the people with educations, who were in top positions that may be bagging your groceries or taking your order- they may not like it, but i'm sure they are grateful for a job. so be grateful to have the opportunity to interview, even if it leads to nothing. eventually you will get a job and as you say, if you know you will excel, then you will.
    i am also at the top of my class, honor society, nsna board member, etc.-but i know i can't count on that to get me a job. hopefully a smile and just a sincere interest to work will give me a chance, and only then will i add the fact that i have a list of acheivements.....a better reason to hire me.
    best of luck. if you're such an acheiver then you know you will land a job
    she was responding to your original post. whether she is a nursing student or a nurse does not matter. afterall, allnurses.com is a "nurse and nursing student network of 525000+ members...where nurses and
    nursing students talk everything about nursing."

    "it is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help." ~author unknown

    "none are so empty as those who are full of themselves." ~benjamin whichcote

    good luck in your search for a job.

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    OP, yes it is hard. This situation for new nurses has been going on since I think early 2008. I remember when I was in school, word got out that the classes graduating before me were starting to run into problems finding employment. In my area you have all the things mentioned in prior posts happening.

    1. Nurses returning to work who never would have if the economy didn't tank.
    2. Huge influx of foreign nurses (this has slowed temporarily) some hospitals in my area are still almost exclusively staffed with nurses from the Phillippines, and are lobbying congress to open immigration to bring more in.
    3. No desire by the hospitals to put nurses through residency. Unfortunately this is a must for a new nurse as unlike MDs we do not enter the workforce ready to practice, we are only very minimally trained.
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    I can definitely understand your frustration (recruiters sending you on jobs you're supposedly "not qualified" for sounds rough).

    I don't think that you came off "cocky" at all; it sounds like you're just venting. It's easier for some and harder for others. For people to just assume that you're not doing enough isn't fair. I think that the poster above did a great job explaining what you were asking. I guess the only advice I can give is to just be patient and to not give up. There are many people in the same boat as you (lol myself included). It'll happen soon enough.

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