What drug reference do you use? What drug reference do you use? | allnurses

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What drug reference do you use?

  1. 0 Just curious as to what drug reference do you use and why you like it?
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    I use the Hospital Drug Formulary icon on my work computer. Unlike a book, the lists add new drugs and are kept up to date.
    I still have my 1998 Lipincott manual I bought when I started working, it is kept for sentimental reasons.
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    I am partial to paper drug books and usually picked up a Mosby Drug Reference each year for my unit.
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    Lexi-comp on iPhone and Micromedix on iPad.
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    This has been pretty helpful. They organize all the drugs into concise charts:

    Pharm Charts
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    I also like Lexicomp on my iphone.
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    Epocrates on my smartphone.
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    I still love my Skyscape
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    I have not re-upped my Skyscape for several years. I just use what's there. It's good for admin detail because it's of a nursing sort of understanding. Other than that I have Micromedex and Medscape and Epocrates (which, I almost never use).
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    M'eh, the $90 year for Skyscape is a bit, but I am so used to it, it has so much in the nursing constellation..
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    I use Up To Date when I'm on the computer, and I think we have a Davis in the med room.
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    I personally use the Davis Drug Guide for Nurses. Why? Simple... it's a school required reference. At least I can also get an online subscription for free if I get the book. I can access their drug guide on my smartphone, but we're not allowed to use the phone while on the floor so... I will also use Lexicomp, which the hospital uses. I have to wade through a lot of info when I use that, but it's a great reference! I'd use it at home if I could...
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    Clinical Pharmacology. It's free and very easy to use. It's the hospital-approved reference. I also have epocrates on my phone and use that from time to time.