What does 90 probation really mean? - page 2

So I started a new job and they said that they give you a 90 day probation period. Does the 90 day probation period mean either party, the employee or the employer can terminate at any time without... Read More

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    Always give an appropriate notice. Where I work, we have to give a 30 day notice. Never burn your bridges.

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    Don't get hung up on the 90 day thing. Even if you pass the probation period you're not obligated to stay with them (unless you sign a contract). Usually you have updates on how you're doing from them every 30 days during the probation period (or more often). During the probation period at my last job neither the employer or I realized the probation period had passed.

    I've been working as an RN for many moons and every one of the places I've worked had a 90 day probation period.

    I like the probation period because if you don't like the situation you can leave with no hassle. On the other hand if they don't like you, the same (I believe they say "You're not a good fit for us". Don't take it personally; it's just business.

    Concur...don't burn any bridges; Murphy's law will get ya every time.

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