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Help! Tonight I was assisting a nurse in dropping an NG tube. Patient was combative to the fact that it hurt. "Yes dear, they do hurt but we must do this since you took 70 or so miscellaneous... Read More

  1. by   MadisonsMomRN
    Quote from RedRoses4Me
    I was taught that if we see abuse and do nothing we are just as guilty
    I was taught the same thing.

    I would report it. I wouldnt warn either... just follow chain of command and report it. The patient deserves the right not to be put in that position anymore.
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    This is hard, because it was a difficult patient and also, there is a concern for negative charting. I would begin by speaking to the powers that be and share your intention of writing it up. Hard to say, because the hospital culture usually supports the physician moreso than nurses. I can easily see that it would be covered up because it was a doctor, also. But, as others stated, it could be our mother, child, spouse or friend. How is that addressed then? We would raise sand! I was not there, I can't say the severity, but it was enough for the OP to be concerned. Sad...
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    Wow, this thread is over three years old. Wonder whatever happened in the end?
    this was indeed unfortunate. i understand completely that a patient who has overdosed on over 73 pills in a suicide attempt is most definitely incompetent and must be treated. it was mentioned in one of the earlier posts that chemical restraint is a far better solution than fighting with this patient to place a NG tube, which i understand is a nasty procedure even with a competent patient and the best of circumstances. ingesting over 70 unprescribed pills is indicative that this woman was emotionally troubled and had very deep personal problems. in my own case, being very severely claustrophobic, i could not tolerate being held down and restrained to have a procedure done which i was NOT refusing, only that i could not handle the way they wanted to accomplish it. i feel that using force to overpower these poor unfortunate patients is very traumatic and demeaning. i have no quarrel with the requirement that they be treated, only with the method used. i feel that sedation is a far better choice than force, and procedure could be done safely with no threat of injury to the patient. comments please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think that even though some threads are old, they will always be relevant, and people can learn from them.