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  1. passionate

    OR interview questions

    Good Luck Good Luck
  2. passionate

    Ever Been Fired or Kicked Out of Surgeon's Room

    When the dr. starts signing my check then he/she can fire me. I have never been kicked out of a room but I have asked to be relieved from a room for various reasons.
  3. passionate

    Is this a nursing task?

    I am an RN in the state or ORegon. My husband is a RPh. The law states that a doctor or nurse must call in prescriptions. Pharmacists only take new prescriptions. Often pharmacists don't know what credentialing a person has so it is good if the office sends out a list of employees for the various pharmacies. Then the pharmacist can be the bad guy and ask for the doctor or nurse.:trout:
  4. passionate

    New Task Risking RN license?

    We use a timeclock too--the hospital has found that when we didn't they probably paid us less because we didn't charge for and all of the missed lunches. Don't perform any task that you have not been certified on and done a return demonstration for competencies, Staff needs to stick together on this, especially if it takes away from your circulating duties.
  5. passionate

    ER Nurses. Read This!

    I have 2 RN friends in the Emergency Dept. I agree with the doctor who wrote this article and wow, they need to hear this--Thanks!:balloons: