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So I have come across this a few times. I am holding a straw to a persons lips and they drink and drink and drink and pretty soon they are waving their hands for me to stop. Stop what?! You don't... Read More

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    Patients who stand outside of their room (or in an even more annoying/baffling twist - their family member's room) awkwardly hovering and then just randomly asking ANY person wearing scrubs who walks by ANYTHING about their/their relative's entire hospital stay. For crying out loud, you HAVE a call light directly liked to your nurse's phone and tech's phone and we've shown you how to use it (like, every shift by now!). That person that you are randomly questioning doesn't magically know all the answers about every patient! Whyyyy is this such a difficult concept for people (especially frequent fliers) to grasp???

    Also, speaking of call lights, I am seriously baffled as to why they all must go off in the five minutes before change of shift - and this happens, mind you, after you have been in that patient's room FREQUENTLY for the last several hours! Maybe one day I'll understand this phenomenon
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    Quote from aklgap
    Another thing I swear I will do someday is to call in "the other nurse who did it" to do it again: they make my life a misery.
    AMEN! Patients are frequently disappointed to find that I am not as nice as "the other nurse who did it".
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    What baffles me:

    Patients who can feed themselves just fine but somehow need the nurse to wipe their hiney for them.
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    Quote from meggiepie24
    When our victims of violence sneak in cell phones and tell people who aren't on their visiting list (they get 3 fixed visitors) where they are located in the hospital. If I was shot or stabbed I don't think I would want everyone to know where I was located!
    I feel like our denials/violence victims end up with the MOST visitors of anyone on our unit.
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    why my post mi pts who are on tele get angry that we have to check their vitals every 4 hours.

    when pts refuse like 90 percent of their ordered meds ( well, except for that IV dilaudid) . You came in why??

    when pts come in for cp or sob(chf), but then sign out ama to go smoke off the property, then come right back in thru ed.

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    When my 350 lb 50 year old woman, who constantly calls out to help her move around, but won't even move her own arms to help. You can call me a million times a night, you can feed yourself 3 meals and countless snacks a day, but when I ask you to lift your elbow off the bed so me and 3 of my closest friends can hoist you up, its too much work.

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    Why some perfectly grown, fully matured, completely oriented adults feel the need to whine, raise the pitch of their voice and get softer when they are in pain. Just tell me you are in pain. I'm not going to refuse you pain meds if you aren't acting like a baby. I am, however, going to treat you like I did my kids when they did that as preschoolers. I am going to tell you I can't understand what you are saying and ask you to repeat yourself. Because I can't.
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    Quote from aklgap
    If I were to say this about a women, the comment would have been moderated...
    Not if it was TRUE!
    Last edit by Esme12 on Oct 13, '13 : Reason: TOS
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    Also, why when I hand them a cup of meds that they could easily tip up into their mouth without losing a single one, will instead pour them into their hand and try to aim, instead dropping half of them all over the bed and sometimes floor.
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    Quote from GundeRN
    Also, why when I hand them a cup of meds that they could easily tip up into their mouth without losing a single one, will instead pour them into their hand and try to aim, instead dropping half of them all over the bed and sometimes floor.
    Omg, THIS!!! It truly baffles me why they have to put the pill in their hand first instead of just taking it from the cup- that's when I start putting the pills directly in their mouth (if it's really going to be a 1/2 hour ordeal, which sometimes it is). Grrr!
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    For real. It's baffling how so many healthy adults have a hard time swallowing pills.
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    What's so difficult about tipping the med cup into one's mouth? I swear it takes some people ten minutes to do this
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    Yep, that's another one I really dislike. Because at least 70% of the time it winds up in the sheets or on the floor or somewhere behind them.
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