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What am I, chopped liver? - page 4

My mom (who lives in another city) has been sicker than a dog for the last week. Worst headache of her life, 8/10 low back pain, worst on the right flank, fever, chills, extreme fatigue. Decreased... Read More

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    OMG! I am so glad it isn't just me! My aunt is a cardiac nurse and prior to working Hospice, I was a cardiac nurse. My mom called and asked me a question about cardiac cath's when stepdad was getting one a couple years ago. She must not have liked the answer because there was a long pause.....then.....umm, I am going to call your aunt. She got the same response from her, but I guess it is easier to believe coming from her sister.

    Just last week, she called and said a friend of her's had surgery. "They opened her, found cancer everywhere and closed her back up." She wanted to know how soon the husband should be calling hospice. Ummm, today, I told her. Nooooo, she isn't that bad, the doctors said she could live another 6 months. Ummm, are you sure mom? Yeah, she has six more months....This dear lady never left the hospital, she died last Friday.