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My mom (who lives in another city) has been sicker than a dog for the last week. Worst headache of her life, 8/10 low back pain, worst on the right flank, fever, chills, extreme fatigue. Decreased UOP with burning and foul odor.... Read More

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    Quote from spacenurse
    Even changing an occupied bed is amazing for them.
    Yeah, I have had sooo many patients amazed at how smart I am becuase I know that trick. I just tell them that smarter women then I taught me most everything I know.
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    Yes, indeed, we are chopped liver. Glad you noticed!!!:icon_roll

    I have been a nurse on a heart unit for the last five or so years. My DH has a heart condition. He will ask me something, and listen to my answer, repeat it out loud, then say, "Well, I think I'll call Heather and ask her", our RN daughter who works GYN post -op, or "Well, I'll call Darla and ask her," his sister who does peds. Then when they say, "Well, what did Karo say?", he tells them and they say they agree.
    THEN he thinks he got the best advice from them. Crazy old man!!!!
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    A few of us nurses were having a conversation about this one day at work. An attending internist was sitting nearby, and he chimed in about HIS experience with this. He advised his father to take a baby aspirin daily. His father would not oblige, then informed him, "oh guess what? My doctor agreed with you. I'm going to start taking the baby aspirin every day now." As this physician put it, "your parents don't see you as a medical professional. They can still see you picking your nose."
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    I learned a long time ago with my husband; I know lots at work, it's only when I get home that I become brainless. I mentioned it to him several times and he said he just wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about. Decided I have STUPID in glowing letters on my forehead that only he can see. Only thing worse are family members living out of state who call hoping for a long distance diagnosis.....guess they don't know about my STUPID warning.
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    when my mother saw me watching a telemetry bank because the tech called in, she asked if my employers knew I didn't know what I was doing, because she is my mother and she knew I wasn't that smart. I was a monitor tech for 3 years before and while I was going thru nursing school.
    My hubby never listens to me if someone tells him the same thing I have then it was their idea. Makes me madder than a wet hen!:angryfire
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    It has been so funny (in a sad way) for me to read all these replies. So many of us have mothers poured from the same mold. I wouldn't mind so much if my mother went to another professional for a second opinion, but she will call her beautician and then call me back and let me know I was wrong b/c her beautician says.... UGH!!! I've quit giving her advice and just tell her she needs to call her MD. She thinks I'm stupid any way so I might as well act like it when she asks me a question. At least then she won't be able to call me back and tell me I'm wrong.
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    My family is the opposite---won't do ANYTHING without running it past me. My parents PCP has called me to get my blessing on meds at Dad's insistence.....

    course having cardiac cath and being whisked by dear dtr to another hospital cardiac unit within 6 hrs for quadruple bypass , then being able to bowl 250 game 6 weeks post -op might have some influence.
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    my older sister was c/o cramps in her leg awhile back, and of course alarm bells went off in my head as she has a history of dvt's. i told her to go immediately to the ed and she said, "well, you're not a doctor, so i'll just wait to see mine, i have an appt this week"
    nothing i said convinced her, and what do you think the doctor found on her visit?
    she was admitted right away and the clot was dissolved.
    guess being a little sis doesn't count for much!
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    It's kind of weird, but I am a RN, have been one for 9 years now, and I call my mom for advice sometimes when the kids are sick. Do you think I need to take them to the doctor? Of course she always says yes, lol. She gets really ticked with me if they have a cold, or a tummy bug, and I just let it run the course.

    She does call me to ask if she should give dad an extra bp pill, or make one of my sisters go to the doctor, or to come do my grannies pill packs. I'm surprised she trust me this far, as I don't even know to take my kids to the doctor when they have a cold for an antibiotic (can you imagine how many unnecessary antibiotics we had as children?)

    I guess she has pretty much accepted it now, since she does call me for advice sometimes, but the first couple of years she didn't ask advice or anything. She did make me do my grannies methotrexate shot, but that was b/c she hates needles, lol.

    My husband, on the other hand, usually won't even go to the doctor without me. His family (who we are not very close with) also call me for advice for everything. Not that they always listen. When my SIL was pumping breast milk for my niece, my MIL was sure the b-milk was causing the baby to have "diarrhea" I told her it was normal, but guess who decided to keep pumping (to lose weight), but dump the b-milk down the drain! Some things you do NOT need to tell NICU/Ob/Gyn nurses!
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    OMG! I am so glad it isn't just me! My aunt is a cardiac nurse and prior to working Hospice, I was a cardiac nurse. My mom called and asked me a question about cardiac cath's when stepdad was getting one a couple years ago. She must not have liked the answer because there was a long pause.....then.....umm, I am going to call your aunt. She got the same response from her, but I guess it is easier to believe coming from her sister.

    Just last week, she called and said a friend of her's had surgery. "They opened her, found cancer everywhere and closed her back up." She wanted to know how soon the husband should be calling hospice. Ummm, today, I told her. Nooooo, she isn't that bad, the doctors said she could live another 6 months. Ummm, are you sure mom? Yeah, she has six more months....This dear lady never left the hospital, she died last Friday.

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