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  1. sunshineonleith

    Direct Accession USAGPAN FY2013

    Also, about expecting orders in January...I wouldn't. Mine DID come in January, but I had classmates who literally got their orders a week before BOLC started.
  2. sunshineonleith

    Direct Accession USAGPAN FY2013

    I think the boards started on 11/1 last year and I heard back from my recruiter 11/15. I didn't call her every day or I might have heard sooner. The waiting was awful. Find a hobby or get all your Christmas shopping done early!
  3. sunshineonleith

    Direct Accession USAGPAN FY2013

    ohhhhh. i was surprised you hadn't responded. i'll try to PM you.
  4. sunshineonleith

    Any Army CRNA's here....

    I am just a SRNA but am in USAGPAN. You can PM me with questions.
  5. sunshineonleith

    Direct Accession USAGPAN FY2013

    I am currently in phase 1 of USAGPAN. Please pm me.
  6. sunshineonleith

    I don't think I want to do FNP anymore?

    Also, TinnabeanRn, I love your avatar because many days I show up and think, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
  7. sunshineonleith

    I don't think I want to do FNP anymore?

    I'm currently in a tough CRNA program, and every time I feel overwhelmed and like I'm drowning (with the exceptions of my stats class) I just have to tell myself to buck up and learn the info, because I'm going to use the information every. single. d...
  8. sunshineonleith

    BOLC-RC September 2012

    I just finished in March and am currently stationed at Ft. Sam. You can PM me if you have questions.
  9. sunshineonleith

    CRNA back to RN, anyone?

    Why not take your experience overseas and work for someone like doctors with out borders or mercy ships for awhile? Different perspective, etc. Help some other folks out while figuring out what's best for you.
  10. sunshineonleith

    Anyone else going to the USAGPAN in 2011?

    Hi Guys, How long was it from the time you submitted your application to NEU that you found out? I am only curious about time to hear from NEU, not time to hear back from the Army (although I love to hear the stories of people getting in!) ...
  11. sunshineonleith

    Worst Nightmare as a Nurse Came True

    I know your first code can be horrifying and saddening and full of self-searching. BUT, try to remember this: All a code really is, is a healthcare professional finding someone who has essentially died, and doing what they can to bring that p...
  12. sunshineonleith

    Rules for the ER (long)

    Yes, the 45 minute old baby with a blood sugar of 35 is more important than your ever so quickly resolving worst nausea and vomiting of your life (now that you can smell your neighbor's dinner tray). I can't believe I even stopped when she flagge...
  13. sunshineonleith

    EvCC clinical sites?

    Valley General in Monroe, Stevens in Edmonds, and Cascade Valley in Arlington, Providence in Everett.
  14. sunshineonleith

    Seattle area Crna

    thank you both for pointing me in the right direction!
  15. sunshineonleith

    Seattle crna?

    currently working ED but am contemplating a switch to surgical or cardiac icu in order to pursue anaesthesia school. I would really appreciate being able to shadow a CRNA for a day (or several) to get a better idea of whether CRNA would be a good fit...