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    New hospital policy is that you can only have 2 days off a year, a rolling year. We went from six days to two days. Does not matter why. No doctor notes, et. We receive merit salary increases partly influenced by attendance.
    Very unhappy employees.

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    Those 2 days don't matter if sick, PTO, etc? I don't know many employees who will stick around for that.
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    We are thinking that next will be a cut to our PTO.
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    What do you mean? 2 sick days? Where I work there is no difference with sick/pto. We just have pto and use it for whatever we want.
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    We can only miss two days in a rolling year also.

    But that only applies to call ins that leave the unit short. If someone covers your shift, you were granted vacation time, or you you are on some approved leave, it won't count against you.

    Our PTO is also in one general use account.
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    My hospital got rid of separate sick days several years ago, too. Now it is all in one PTO category.
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    That was what we had until January 1/14. After 2, a verbal, after 4, a written, next termination. AND it goes back in time to your last call in. 99% are receiving a verbal warning. It's hard to wrap our heads around it.
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    Discover the protection of FMLA. Some know FMLA from their maternity leave but it can also be used intermittently for chronic conditions that flare up. It has been known to cover conditions such as asthma, migraines. . .I'm sure with a cooperative MD it could cover conditions such as arthritis and anxiety.

    Just saying, federal job protection against insane attendance policies.

    I used to always be on some kind of discipline for calling in; I have chronic migraines. The more I was disciplined for calling in, the more anxiety I suffered, which further exacerbated my migraines. Since discovering FMLA I've stayed out of trouble with attendance. I still call in "regular" sick when I am not having migraines, but that is extremely rare.
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    If you are late twice it equals 1 day, and we can not leave our shift early, that also counts.
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    Our unit is ALWAYS short. RN's quit in groups! We have 2-3 float pool RN's on any given day.

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