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Cardiolyte has 10 years experience and specializes in Interventional Cardiology, MICU.

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  1. Cardiolyte

    Abandoned Patients?

    How does your units deal with having no PN and you have to take your pt to IR, CT, MRI,et? Your other pt is left in the unit to be watched over by another RN who already has 2 critical pts, or 1 with a new unstable admit? Who cares for your pt? I recently returned to my unit after 2 hrs in IR, to find NO RN's near (W/I sight of pt or pt's monitor). IV alarming amiodarone gtt occluded, HR 110's. When I left HR in 80's. This is a trend in my unit. RN's walking around as if they are charge, not watching their pts. Large 23 bed unit. Going to staff meetings at 0715 or 1515 and leaving their pt's. Or, my favorite, going to breakfast and lunch and leaving their pt's. Over half of staff new grads with less than 2 yrs experence hired right out of school. It's not safe. When I try to explain this to management I get, I know, I know.
  2. Cardiolyte

    Ankylosing Spondylitis (Bekhterevs) and Nursing

    Hi Hilda, I work as a nurse in a MICU with 23 beds, fast turn over of pt's. Just this week I have begun Humera. It is worrisome. We are exposed to everything in my unit, and sometimes are unaware of the exposure for a day or two. I also just ordered a lumbar brace. I haven't received it yet so I don't know if it will help my lower back pain. On 7/23 I sustained a spontaneous fracture at my heel. I am in a walking boot and on FMLA. This past year has been my first issues with Ankylosing Spondylitis and my work as a nurse in the unit. I do not have my BSN. I'm glad to see that you are finishing yours. There are many more job opportunities for a BSN. At my age I don't think it would benefit me... I was diagnosed with AS 20+ years ago. Have taken all of the NSAIDS with one GIB. Best of luck to you! PSM/RN
  3. Cardiolyte

    Ankylosing Spondylitis (Bekhterevs) and Nursing

    I have ankylosing Spondylitis.
  4. Cardiolyte

    "Breathable" air bed mattress pads?

    we use "blue" disposable chux
  5. Cardiolyte

    Using Ampules w/o filter needles

    always use a filter.....
  6. Cardiolyte

    Are my classmates delusional??

    I work in an ICU, total pt care. DELUSIONAL.
  7. Cardiolyte

    Merry Christmas from...

    Merry Christmas from Springfield, MO....18 degrees & windy
  8. Cardiolyte

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    I work 7p-7a in an ICU, no breaks. We eat at our station monitoring our pt's. Sometimes we don't get a chance to have lunch...depends on our pt's acuity, families, et. lunch alluncha
  9. Cardiolyte

    Banner Hospitals to go to Uniforms

    Mercy Hospital's, here in MO are also going colored coded, not many people are happy about it here in MICU
  10. Cardiolyte

    Clean vs Sterile Technique

    I'm orienting to a new facility. When doing a w-d drsg change, I was taught it was a sterile procedure...yet, I observed a w-d drsg change using clean technique....this on a 2 day post-op...I'm still uncomfortable about it, should I be?
  11. Cardiolyte

    Has this happened to you?

    This is the RN Network, which I didn't think was part of the evil empire........ I thought I had done my homework checking them out, et...
  12. Cardiolyte

    Has this happened to you?

    This is my first travel assignment....cardiac tele SSIU. I had my interview and was hired with a start date 2/12. My recruiter emails my salary, which is lower than what I had accepted. Deductions for insurance and housing had already been figured in.....now he tells me, he had made a mistake! WTH? and, he'll make it up to me on me next assignment, OR I can take only $250.00 in travel....also meal deal of $30.00 aday has evaporated!!!!!!:roll WHAT TO DO??? After I said, no deal.................guess what? My salary will be raised to what I had accepted, travel expences also returned to $500.00...LOL
  13. Cardiolyte

    Staffing a telemetry unit

    The telemetry floor that I work on in Southwest MO 8-7 patients per nurse...on days & evenings...more at night.....patients admitted directly from ED, MD office, or a unit transfer.......