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Treatment for Infiltrated IV's

  1. 0 What do you do for a patient who's iv has infiltrated?
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    When mine gets infiltrated they usually pull it out and then put a warm pack on it. They then try to get one in another extremity
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    Really it depends on what infiltrated. Generally it's a warm pack but there are some instances when it is a cool pack.
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    I like to give one ice/cold pack immediately, especially if plebitic(for pain/edema), and then change over to warm packs
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    Is there any danger of infection?
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    You can get a nice temp spike of 101 or higher from a phlebitic IV, usually self-limiting w/ heat, tylenol, but really depending on the site, the solution/osmolality, drugs received, vesicants, atbx's, kcl, irritating meds, chemo, etc really nasty things can happen, loss of tissue, joints, nerve damage, you name it, watch your IV's
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    I generally immediately remove the iv, elevate the limb and apply warm compress.
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    If extravasation occurs you may want an antidote for whatever infiltrated.