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Itís my turn to work this Thanksgiving. Although I am disappointed that I will not be having dinner with my husband, I knew that we would only be doing emergency cases in the OR. Expecting a relatively light working day, I... Read More

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    Canes, you have a remarkable gift of writing and taking the reader to the actual event, where one can feel the emotions, and experience the full sensations, as if present. Please continue to let your light shine.
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    From what I understand, canesdukegirl writes creative nonfiction based on personal experiences. Just because the story ends with her going home 12 hours later does not indicate that the organ harvest took that long. ruler of kolob, mind your business- no need to pick holes in canesdukegirl's work.
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    ...and canesdukegirl, keep writing! <3
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    Beautiful. Tragic, but amazing...brought tears to my eyes. Keep on writing
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    Quote from ruler of kolob
    An active duty soldier would have been medically retired LONG before he needed a liver transplant.
    Ha...ha. If only this were true.
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    Geez, how quickly we nurses are to jump on one of our own. Take it for what it is and leave the rest. I personally can relate to returning home after a particularly horrendous day in the ICU and my sweetie would be standing to hug me as I walked in the door as well as having dinner ready. Being able to get home to my refuge.
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    I have to agree with ruler of kolob.. If there would have been a disclaimer stating this is fiction than it would have been ok. It still discredits all of the work the transplant coordinators, perfusionists, physicians ect do with an organ retrieval. The process just doesn't work like that. It's not about nurses turning against nurses, it's about accurate information. Painting the picture that the whole process from consent, to donor management, sharing organs, ect is done that smoothly is irresponsible. This is already a taboo subject within medicine.
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    This is a story about about one persons experience and how it made her feel.....not hospital policy and the "truth" behind the transplantation process. Please stick to topic.

    If you wish to talk about the transplantation process please start another thread.
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    This story just Chuck Norrised my feels. Wonderfully written, and you have an amazing husband by your side!
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    Ah. I've always wonder what it would be like to have an "adoring spouse" at home to understand the weight of what we do.

    Mine only complained that he wasn't "lucky like me to be able to earn such a great living," and frequently accused me of broom closet affairs while at work.

    As if I had actual time for a broom closet boink.
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