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I am a transgender nursing student that is currently going to school and working as a male but I want to transition after getting my RN. My question is can my license be revoked because of this my state considers GID (gender... Read More

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    Thanks for everyone's concern I have been extremely busy with being in nursing school and working a full and part time job. When I got the message I was in a bit of a hurry and just picked one of the avatars from the website.
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    I hope you don't think it's because we're not being welcoming. We're just very cognizant of privacy issues here for a number of reasons: public website, nursing a small community, etc. Many of us have recognized people we know in real life here based on a couple of details. Anyway, welcome to AN and welcome to nursing!
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    no i totally understand i am just busy thats all... no worries
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    awesomw well thay gives me hope i know that its a process and dont you have to piblish it in a newspaper or somethong like that
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    Quote from GrnTea
    ... Also, legal name change is easy... You go down to the courthouse and fill in a form, have it notarized, and then get a dozen or so notarized copies to file c your voter registration, mortgage, selective service, college, IRS, Social Security, bank, driver's license, or whomever wants the official form; ordinary copy-machine copies go to your credit cards and random other stuff...
    Clarification: Name change rules vary from State-to-State. Sometimes even between counties within the same State.
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    Quote from Havin' A Party!
    Clarification: Name change rules vary from State-to-State. Sometimes even between counties within the same State.
    Point taken. The OP can investigate the details where she lives, but it doesn't take an act of Congress in any case.
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    In some places, yes, you would be required to publish it, but guess what? Almost no one ever reads those notices. It's not like they are on the front page! They're buried in the classifieds.

    Keep working with your therapist and take good care of yourself.
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    Good luck with this process.. I'm sure it will be difficult, but everything worth anything is.
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    Thanks for all your support everyone. So just a quick update on me.i have graduated the LPN Program took a break to catch my breath and now I'm going back to the RN program next month. Lots have happened over this year and the funniest thing of all is I still look and dress like a boy but all my patients think I'm a girl gotta love ltc
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    I'm glad things are going well for you! Thanks for the update!

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