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I am just so tired of being a nurse. I feel like I am running on fumes trying to take care of everyone and everything, and it seems nothing ever goes right. I am done, cooked and ready to do something else. Does anyone else... Read More

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    Been a nurse for almost 5 years an seen a lot of changes just n that time....right now I can't go back to it. Make me work short staffed with only 2 aides for 50+ residents and then let a family blame me for their mom falling cause "I didn't do enough" Sorry...sorry I was doing my job for th other residents across the building...sorry the money gotten from that resident being in your facility is worth more then a good nurse so you "had" to fire me. Yeah..I can't do this crap anymore right now.
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    Oh sorry to hear you are feeling this way, it's not uncommon.

    Some great articles on the internet about things to try to cope with burnout. MIght be worth a google, to see what the experts say about best strategies to cope with this.

    If possible, it might help to cut back your hours a bit, or try a new dept/new area of nursing. Maybe homehealth or hospice for a while, if this is an option for you? Many hospitals have their own home health depts, so you could keep whatever seniority you have acquired.

    Take as good of care your own self as possible, eat right, for real, eat fruits, veggies, plenty of water, avoid junk foods, etc. Exercise, even if it's just walking. Get enough sleep. Stay as fit as possible, strive for proper body weight, to increase your own energy levels and strength. If you can, maybe get a massage now and then, too. Spend at least half as much energy on your own self, as you do on other's needs.

    Indulge in things that you do enjoy, as you are able to, whether it's going to hear a great band, or to a concert, reading an awesome book, having coffee or martini with your pals, whatever bakes YOUR cookies, do that. Force yourself if you have to.

    Surround yourself as much as possible, with positive ppl, ppl who actually APPRECIATE you, and avoid whiners, they can bring you back down, even as you struggle to stand back up yourself.

    As much as possible, with the energy you do have, try to make sure your various relationships with your family and friends are healthy, not draining you, and are being tended to. Easier to say, than do, but, IF there are other pieces of your life which are a drain, it can really snowball and seem even more overwhelming. Right now, you need all the support you can get, imo.

    This last one will sound weird, and it might not work for you,
    but, for me, i get a boost from doing volunteer work. I know, i know, most of us nurses count all those unpaid hours we 'donate' each week, as volunteer work,
    but, finding an org or cause you truly passionately care about, and hooking up with them, even if you can only donate an hour per week, might give you more of a boost, a feeling of worth, a way to connect with others not involved in nursing, than you might expect. Worth a try. For me, this also helps keep nursing in more perspective, more in balance, than being my entire world. Hard to explain.
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    Unfortunately, I've been thinking the same way lately. After 36 years, and 55 years old, I've finally had enough. I've made it all the way to senior management (and yes, I DO know what it's like on the floors!) and I have to say the thing that's driving me out is the continual cutting of staffing from corporate with the expectation that my clinical outcomes will not be affected like pressure ulcers and falls. Another thing is the lack of clinical experience that new grads have. The health care system has made it so student nurses do not have the opportunities in clinical that I did 36 years ago. As a result, we're graduating hundreds of nurses who have no skills but want jobs in ICU, CCU, and the emergency room. Are you kidding?! You're right-I'm completely burned out and I need a change. I've been doing some legal consulting but nothing enough to pay the bills. It's all riding on that $450 million dollar ticket this week!
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    Count me in. Tired of nursing already. I have very few choices being that I only have 7 months of RN experience and my LPN experience does not count as nursing experience. I have no choice but to work the floor for a while. My plan is to get 2-3 years under my belt, get settled in a specialty and earn a MSN so that I can teach or have a desk job.

    I love direct patient care but can't stand the attitudes, cattiness, politics, back biting and being worked to death.

    I had a family member get upset with me one time because I did hold the hand of her father when he died. Really? I'm so sorry for your loss. I told you your dad was actively dying 10 hours before he passed and advised you to come to the hospital, but you decided not to show up. Don't put your guilt on me lady. I allowed him to die with respect and dignity, sorry if that was not good enough. I have other patients who are still alive that are depending on me to keep them alive.....

    My goodness.
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    You are not alone. I have felt that way many times. I agree self care is important to combat burnout...time off, less hours (if you can), etc. I also have tried switching specialties. There are many areas of nursing to try, not all in acute care. But I also think sometimes I want to leave nursing entirely due to the responsibilities and stresses. I stay in the field for financial reasons, and because I hate to throw the baby out with the bathwater (having worked to get to this point in my career). Good luck to you! I hope you find some relief from your current unhappy situation.
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    I'm finishing up my Bachelor's, and strongly considering heading into veterinary medicine. No kidding. I've been in "people medicine" for a long time, and frankly I don't like what I am seeing for RN's OR practitioners. Even sociologists are studying the current "de-skilling" trend...where autonomy is going out the window.

    Was at my vet's today in fact with my horse, and talked at length with him. He thinks even at my age, I should be able to succeed. He's going to let me job shadow this spring. I'm on course for a DNP or Master's level PA... but I've wanted to be a vet since I was a little kid so I'd like to be open to that option. Once I finish my BSN I will have most of the pre-req's needed for vet school anyway.
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    It's not nursing that I despise. It's people.
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    I so hear you loud and clear. I wish I had a solution for both of us.
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    Thanks for sharing everyone. I really like the lottery idea! I am pretty much embedded where I work--like I said, I am blessed to even have a job, so I won't be going anywhere else unless I do something else. Like everyone else, gotta work for a living until I win that lottery! I hope that the future brings better changes for nursing and those joining the profession. Take care everyone!
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    3 words:
    Ambulatory Surgery Center

    I love it! I made the change a few months ago. I am doing Pre-op, post-op/recovery, and OR circulating. All the patients are there for an hour or two, most are walkie talkies, they need a pre-op clearance from their doctor prior to surgery, so they have to be healthy enough to be there for an (most times) elective surgery. I am not using all my skills I would be using at the bedside but use alot of them and the stress level has gone down to almost nothing. I don't think I would go back to bedside since going to this area of nursing. We each have our areas where we want to be, hopefully those who are unhappy will find their niche. Hang in there.
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