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The Blend of Grey.... How many times do we as nurses find ourselves teetering on the edge of wrong and right? How do we find that perfect balance of in-between, the shade of grey between moral... Read More

  1. by   Gold_SJ
    I can't even put into words how I've felt reading everyone's comments. Just thank you. I've never put forward any of my writing before like this, so was really uncertain, but now I'm just overwhelmed by the kindness I've been shown. You've all encouraged me so much! For fun I've always wrote (it a hobby since a teen) I'll put more effort into it now and see what I can do.

    Thank you all again!
  2. by   royhanosn
    dont get carried away because you are a nurse. look at it from the dr point of view,
    you need to develop a thick skin, devoid yourself of situations that challenge your religion or ethics.
    dr have many scenerios daily that challenge their thinking. They see things in black and white and so must you.
    you cannot save everyone! You do what you need to do and get onto other patients.
    you follow dr orders, and if you are develop friendships with the dr, you have a leg up, to DISCUSS situtations that
    you are not sure of.
    It all comes with experience.
  3. by   maryw1212
    excellent job of writing your article. there is so much truth in everything you say. i am now retired/disabled after 30 years of nursing(back,knees & feet gave out). i faced many moral and ethical dilemmas and always went with my heart and the patients wishes. the best example i can give is the unspoken glance exchanged between the doctor and myself on how much pain med and how often to give to the obviously suffering, terminally ill patient whose family may or may not agree with what the patient wants but you look into the eyes of the patient and they are begging you for the relief they so desperately want and as you administer what may be the lethal dose you see the relief and thank you in their eyes. this is but one of the many i faced as a nurse. challenging yes but worth every minute of my 30 years
  4. by   debpro66
    Written from the heart I loved this article, you summed up your feelings, thoughts and yet captured the essence of how one must be perceived........... as someone else wrote, please continue to share your thoughts with us
  5. by   rzookrn
    beautiful. well said. it resonated with my soul. keep on writing.
  6. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I adore reading articles, but I have to say that I just came back through to read this one just one more time! This is amazing. Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful blog.
  7. by   kbrn2002
    Beautifully written! It isn't easy to put into words the ethical and moral dilemma's we go through on a pretty regular basis.
  8. by   sparkCleng
    Hi Gold_SJ! May I know ur name because I want to share your article with my collegues and I want to properly acknowledge you to them for a great article that every nurses can relate to.. thank you!
  9. by   Gold_SJ
    That's really sweet of you. I'll send you a pm and thanks.