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    I know exactly what you mean. I am working but under an IOU status-meaning I have to work as I am not exempt but I may or may not get paid. My husband isn't getting paid or working at all. We have over 40 years combined government service work and now here we are. I wanted to call in sick today-fever, flu, you know the drill. However, the minute I do so I become put into a different category of furlough--not just for today but for the weekend with no housing benefits, COLA, etc until Monday. 1 day of probably getting paid vs 3 days of definitely not getting paid wasn't worth it. Add the 14 days that they furloughed us this summer (some were just coming back to work) and it makes for a lot of frustration. I still love what I do, still think it is the most fantastic job in the world but some days you wonder why the people who make the decisions got a pay raise and we may or may not get paid at all-how is this legal not to mention fair....
  2. cav5

    epipen STAT or wait?

    You have to follow the doctor's order and if they say CV or respiratory compromise then that is when you give it. Having said that... Mild Nausea and vomiting (in my opinion) is where it became tricky. Lots of times gastrointestinal effects indicate a much more serious reaction ,particularly in a known allergen student. We have had great allergests who have given great in-services and they changed my way of thinking ( A LOT). New protocols and recommendations state that antihistamines should not be given, rather epi should be the first line for any problems that are above mild. They have always said if in doubt then give the epi-pen as children with young, healthy hearts will only have a bruise if you are wrong and give it when not needed. However, if you are wrong and wait then you have a dead child. I have seen children literally break out within minutes as the benadryl they took that morning has started to wear off. I shudder to think if that would happen on the bus or when they aren't near medical service. Our standing orders always say monitor then epi. However, I have seen other doctors write specific orders for when to give anithistamines and when to give epi and I would follow those orders for that child (unless unsafe).
  3. cav5

    Parent Interview

    Parents will make or break a school nurse. That is just a fact. Having said that-if they have given that much power to their parents I would step back and make sure you really really want this job and it is worth it to you. If it is then I say good luck, if not then.... I believe they will want to hear what you would want to hear if you had a child (or other family member) in their care. good luck either way.
  4. cav5


    Mother must be RH- and father must be RH+. I do not know about the Coombs test as I was not a nurse for the first 3 and was only a nursing student for the last 2..sorry. On a side note-that shots HURTS A LOT!!!! It truly feels like concrete being injected into you. I would advise having the affected? leg (if given in the buttocks) "up" on toes as that seemd to help quite a bit. Also, make sure and stress that they need to keep moving for a while after it has been given. I rode home for about 35 minutes stationary after my first injection (I have had 5) and could hardly get out of the car. Granted, I was a lot younger and had less of a pain tolerance than I do now but I remember each of those 5 shots very vividly! Hope this helps
  5. cav5

    Kinder pooping pants

    I had a few children with this at my school. I believe the advice is sound-referral to the school counselor or psychologist is good but[COLOR=#003366]mmc51264 is also right on the money-I had a great doctor a few years back that really discussed this issue with me and the children really do lose the urge or sensation to go to the bathroom-in that case you do have to retrain them to go even though they don't feel like it-that is why the waiting on the toilet works. The doctor said it takes at least 6 months to a year to do this. the retraining and the miralax were the treatments he suggested along with the counseling. It is more common than one might think-holding a child's education back for something like this isn't in the best interest of the child as it can take some time to get this sorted.
  6. cav5

    Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

    Ixchel-I am married to an man with classic ADHD-got diagnosed late in life and can tell you that what you are saying is the absolute truth, I agree. I would be interested in your article and research when it is published. elpark-I would also agree with you on your research. However, (I can't know first hand about France so won't make assumptions) but in Germany, the UK, and other EU countries many of children who are found to have "behavioral issues", "mental issues that cause disruptions", "learning disabilities" etc can be streamlined out of the general education system early on and put into other schools. I guess I am saying we need to look into the whole culture, beliefs, education system, medical system, etc before we start comparing one country to another and making an assumption that one is better than another-not to say that is what you were doing but I definitely got that feel from the original article itself.
  7. Wow. Powerful.
  8. I'm going to weigh in here as while I am not actived duty I have been overseas serving my country (as a military spouse and then as the sponsor in another capacity) for 25 years. I am very proud of it all and wouldn't change it for the world. I am currently a school nurse and am royally... mad... that we have been labelled so broadly and rudely as bandages and stomachaches. Medics could not do my job anymore than I could do theirs. You put me on the front lines with bomb victims and those medics would be the much better choice hands down- I have no experience dealing with that situation and I will be the first to tell you that. You put those two medics in a school and the same would also be true.
  9. cav5

    Best complaint you've heard?

    Child- "I'm blind" (as he walks in just fine) Me "Why" Child "Because my substitute is the devil and I want my teacher back" -OR- Child- "My nose hurts" Me "Why" Child "I stuck an acorn up there" Me- "Yep-that'll do it!!"
  10. cav5

    Military Base Nurse

    I have never seen a nurse work for the AYA or teen center-at least not paid. Are they wanting you to do immunization trackers and CPR training? I think they go to the clinic for those things but I am not sure. I know I have never seen a position posted other than for child care worker or food service worker. I could definitely be wrong though. For a complete answer look on USA jobs website for your location. Sorry for the late response, hope things worked out for you.
  11. cav5

    Who hires school nurses?

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  12. cav5

    Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

    I have been overseas for almost 25 years. I have not lived in France but have lived close by a number of times. There is such a difference in medical care, family life, culture, etc that apples to oranges is the only nice thing that I can say right now. I think it is very easy to see "others" as better because we only see what they want us to see. Say what you will but Americans aren't afraid to let everything show-the good, the bad, the ugly. I haven't seen that in other cultures and they love to flaunt and taunt our bad behavior (TV, research articles, etc) while covering up their own. Life is not greener on the other side-just saying. OK, so I said more than I was going to:)
  13. cav5

    Who hires school nurses?

    My advice (don't know how much it is worth but here it goes) is that you are going to be talking with non-medical people for the most part. They think like educators and not nurses. They want to hear key words like community involvment, parent contact, health programs (can say a few specific to the age level like dental, health prevention and promotion). They want to know that you are going to cover them from liability (don't use those words exactly but they do want that) and that you are going to make them look good. If you are interviewing with a nurse then look up the policies and procedures for your state and have an outline of a plan for what the year would be like-or at least have a few questions about those things so that they know you have already taken the time to look that up
  14. cav5

    Engraving on Littmann

    This seriously made me laugh out loud-too funny and made my day!!
  15. cav5

    Patients afraid of needles...

    I use the IPOD/music system for children, teens, and adults. It is amazing to me that once they start listening to music or are "plugged in" how much can be accomplished without them even realizing it. On a humerous note-I am the biggest baby known to man. I HATE lidocaine because it burns A LOT. I once had a cyst removed from my lower back and refused the lidocaine as he wasn't going very deep. After it was over he said I really needed a stitch and wished he had talked me into the lidocaine because it was a little too late now. I told him a little scar is not going to be a big deal (am older and overweight-seriously going to worry about a tiny scar on my back! Did I mention that I hate lidocaine shots! And pain! I would take the tiny seconds of cutting to the shot any day. People (including myself) are a mixed bag of....interesting:)
  16. cav5

    Control Issues

    I think these are valid points and are something to strive for. I know every day-heck-most days won't be like this but it is a self-goal that I find admirable and something to strive for. Chronic pain is an impossible dilemma on both sides of the bed. Trust me, patients feel the frustration of health care workers as well as their own. The fear of not being believed and being "abandoned" when "we have tried everything and REALLY you are still in pain" is a recipe for disaster and a loop that is very hard to break. Nicely written!